From Makeup to Making Deals: 3 Universal Skills Amy Zdunowski is Leveraging in Real Estate

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 18, 2024

Whether blending the perfect contour on a celebrity’s face or closing a crucial real estate deal, the underlying skills required are surprisingly similar. Both fields demand a keen eye for detail, an unshakeable trust from clients, and the ability to communicate effectively under pressure. These universal talents, often honed in one professional arena, can be just as powerful when applied to another.

For those navigating the complex world of real estate in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the stakes are high and the challenges are many. Buyers, sellers, and investors seek not only a property that fits their needs but also a real estate agent who understands the intricacies of the market and can advocate effectively on their behalf. Selecting an honest realtor with the ideal skill set is crucial to ensure a successful transaction and a satisfactory investment.

Enter Amy Zdunowski, a Licensed Realtor with a background that is anything but conventional. Transitioning from a career as a celebrity makeup artist to the competitive real estate market, Amy brings a suite of transferable skills that uniquely benefit her clients.

Many experiences have nurtured her perspective, but three central competencies have survived her colorful résumé and now thrive in the property sphere. Here are the skills Amy leverages from her previous career to excel as a real estate professional, demonstrating that the leap from makeup to making deals is not as distant as it seems:

Detailing dynamics

Amy Zdunowski’s first critical skill, honed during her years in the beauty industry, is her meticulous attention to detail. “My ability to notice even the tiniest nuances translates well into the real estate world,” she notes.

Having an eye for the small things is crucial when assessing properties, ensuring each meets her clients’ stringent standards and preferences. Just as a slight touch can change a makeup look, minor details in a home can significantly affect its appeal and value. This approach makes Amy a trusted and honest realtor, valued for her thoroughness in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Translating trust

Another critical aptitude Amy brings from her previous career to real estate is her ability to create connections: “Building my reputation as a respected makeup artist reflects my ability to build trust and rapport with clients,” she explains. In real estate, this means guiding clients through transactions with integrity and transparency.

Trust is a cornerstone of any transaction, especially significant investments like real estate. Amy’s client-centric philosophy has established her reputation as an honest realtor and given her a case to be the best real estate agent in New Jersey for buyers, sellers, and investors who want a committed professional with a rich perspective.

Communicating with clarity

The final transferable skill that Amy emphasizes is her effective communication, a trait that has been indispensable in both her previous and current professions.

Dealing with high-profile clients as a makeup artist taught her to communicate clearly, listen attentively, and convey information persuasively—characteristics that are just as critical in real estate.

“This skill set allows me to foster strong relationships with clients, keep them informed at every step of the process, and advocate for their interests with confidence and professionalism,” Amy explains. Effective communication ensures that each aspect of a transaction is easily understandable for her clients, which is essential for maintaining her status as an honest realtor and one of Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s leading real estate agents.

Aside from her adaptable skills, coveted achievements and a solid educational foundation validate Amy’s distinct approach to real estate. She has earned credits on prestigious shows such as CBS Sunday Morning and received the Momentum Builder Award in December 2022.

Much of her success stems from the early influence of Barbara Corcoran, whom Amy considers a formative inspiration. The real estate mogul and TV personality is a prime example of another figure who has seamlessly immersed herself in several sectors with scintillating results. Likewise, Amy’s contributions to literature, including being a contributing author for the Better Business Book Volume 2 and The Best Advice in Six Words, highlight her commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise.

Amy Zdunowski’s journey from makeup to real estate is not just a career change but an example of how repurposing universal skills can immeasurably benefit buyers, sellers, and investors. Whether paying attention to details, building trust, or communicating effectively, Amy’s seasoned skillset enhances her client’s experiences and outcomes in the real estate market. Her unique approach underscores the value of adaptability and tailored client service, which are increasingly vital in today’s varied and dynamic professional landscapes.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Spencer Hulse is the Editorial Director at Grit Daily. He is responsible for overseeing other editors and writers, day-to-day operations, and covering breaking news.

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