Freshly is a Healthy, Safe, and Tasty Meal Delivery Service

Published on July 22, 2020

Going to the grocery store is not ideal these days. If you can afford a delivery service, online grocery shopping and food delivery services are the way to go, like Freshly. Freshly is a consistent delivery service that doesn’t miss deliveries or packages, is reasonably priced, and best of all, it’s tasty yet healthy.

Stay Healthy

Right now, it’s important to keep eating healthy and keep the immune system strong. If you’re working out at home, too, Freshly’s meals are a great source for plenty of protein. The meals usually have over 30 to 40g of protein. While the meals aren’t particularly dense in calories, meaning they’re probably great for weight loss too, they could help any gym rat get their much needed protein from their meals. 

Since you can order up to 12 orders at a time, that makes it easy to plan out a week of good, healthy eating that keeps you on track towards any workout or health goals. Freshly makes eating consistently healthy easy, especially having to stare at those packages in the fridge you don’t want to go to waste.

Comfort Food

Freshly pre-made meals are absolutely superior to companies like Trader Joes’. The company lives up to its name. They’re just not the average microwaveable meals. You could probably present many of these meals to the people on a plate without them ever realizing it was microwaved. 

They’re legit feel-good meals, too. There’s chili, steak sirloin, sicilian style-chicken parm, and swedish meatballs. Those are some of the company’s top meals. You feel like you’re eating poorly when you’re actually eating quite well with Freshly. They leave you full, too, but not too full. The meals never make you lethargic, feel heavy, or put you to sleep. 

It is Convenient 

While eating Freshly, it makes the longer days a little easier. If you’re having a busy day, Freshly will take up none of your time to stay nice and full during remote work. There’s no debating what you’re going to make and the meals only take between three-four minutes to mic. If you don’t have time to cook during a given week and don’t want to pay overpriced delivery prices, Freshly is where it’s at. During a busy deal, the meals are a appreciated time-saver. 

Just Enough Variety

There’s a big enough selection of meals to never feel like you have to eat the same meal twice. Every once in a while you may miss cooking, and that’s why it’s nice that Freshly lets you skip a week and lessen or increase a number of meals per delivery. You can cancel anytime, too, but right now, it’s just a great service to have during COVID-19. After a few weeks of eating their meals and feeling nice and healthy, it’s definitely a top option for food delivery options for now and the future. 

Meal Recommendations

For starters, the cauliflower-shell bolognese. It’s loaded with beef and cheese. Freshly’s meals don’t skimp on the portions. You’re getting a full meal even if they don’t look gigantic. The steak sirloin and tomato-glazed turkey meatloaf are easy favorites. They pack enough flavor, as does the chili and the Swedish meatballs. After trying a dozen or so of the meals, none of them really miss the mark. They’re solid, sometimes even exceptional meals. Plus, it’s a service easy to save money on, too. They offer $40 discounts every time you recommend them to friends and they place an order. If you do that enough times, Freshly is cheaper, sometimes even tastier than a week of groceries. There’s a lot to enjoy from Freshly.

Jack Giroux is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Los Angeles, he is an entertainment journalist who's previously written for Thrillist, Slash Film, Film School Rejects, and The Film Stage.

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