Freedom Bars Vegan Bars Are Going To Be Your Go-To Snack This Summer

Published on June 28, 2019

In a perfect world, finding good, healthy vegan snacks would be as effortless as going to the local corner store and picking something up. Unfortunately, American snacking habits are not quite there yet and good vegan snacks are hard to come by. Saul Nadoff knew that when he came up with the idea for Freedom Bar. Now, thanks to his idea there is one more healthy, plant based snack on the market that’s made from only a handful of ingredients: The Freedom Bar.

The idea for Freedom Bar

Saul Nadoff came up with the idea for the Freedom Bar after years of suffering from IBD. Instead of taking a more conventional approach toward treating it, Nadoff found that focusing on a holistic diet was the best option for treating his chronic disorder. A vegan diet that focused on eating whole foods, rather than processed ingredients, helped him feel better long-term. He was also able to avoid seeking further medical treatment for the disorder, saving him time, money, and health as he got older.

However, a lack of options in the snack realm made it clear that it was going to be no easy feat to stick to these lifestyle changes. Most on-the-go snacks available around the United States are filled with sugar and other processed ingredients, even if they’re vegan-friendly. Nadoff wanted to change that by creating a snack that could be easy to take along the way during a long day out but also taste delicious. Thus, the Freedom bar was born.

The Freedom Bar is a nutrition bar made from whole ingredients—usually just a handful of ingredients per bar—that tastes delicious and works with a plant-based diet. Making a snack bar that also tasted good was a top priority to Nadoff. Being on a plant-based diet that focused on cutting out starches, unnecessary carbs, and sugars meant that he was cooking at home for much of his meals. That being said, having to cook everything at home can be limiting when life gets busy. Dealing with eating out or having to grab something on the go became stressful.

Free from so many things

Freedom Bar is free from so many things because each bar is made with only a handful of ingredients. Things like nuts, berries, and other natural ingredients like cocoa powder, bananas, or sea salt make the bars paleo friendly as well. In fact, the bars are vegan, gluten free, soy free, preservative free, sugar free, non GMO, and even Kosher. The bars come in a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate and peanut butter to apple cinnamon. Check out the Freedom Bar website here to see where you can stock up on these tasty treats.

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