Looking to spy on an iPhone? Here’s how.

Published on February 23, 2019

There are times when you just cannot trust your spouse or loved one and you want to know what they are up to without being detected.

Obvious and clear relationship and thorny legal issues aside, it turns out there are a few ways to ahem, “track people,” using an iPhone. Better or worse — depending on your point of view, some o f these self-styled “spy apps” are free and, so far, do in fact monitor the whereabouts or activities of your “loved one.”

Just by installing these apps, you can spy on an  iPhone without your target knowing that you are spying on them. Caveat emptor.

For the skinny on these apps, read on.  

SPAPP (Spy Phone App)

This iOS and Android compatible app lets you delve into the different data types of the target device of your loved ones. This app allows tracking locations, peeping into the message box, and checking the call logs of the concerned device. It allows you to keep a log of messages and locations.


Copy9 is another free spy app that lets you monitor the target device without being detected. You can spy on the activities of your target without them knowing that they are being spied at. The app lets you monitor call logs, messages, calendars, and downloads. Copy9 comes with 24/7 customer service. With the app, you can check the downloaded files as well as the browsing history of the target devices using your iPhone. It can collect information from social media networks like WhatsApp and Facebook and can bypass the safety protocols of Apple iMessages.


Kid-Guard is a spy app that is designed to track the daily activities of your child. It comes with an alarm that alerts you when there is unusual activity on your kid’s device. This app has a feature known as Situation 360 that will generate an analysis report of your child’s most recent activities for uploading to the dashboard as well as information about the nearest police station.  You can track call logs, messaging threads, and locations.

Free iPhone Spy by AppSpy

Free iPhone Spy by AppSpy lets you monitor your target’s phone without you having to possess it. With this app, you can easily control messages, calls, locations, and social handles. The KeyLogger feature makes passwords of the target device accessible to you. An advantage of this app is that you can monitor incoming and outgoing calls and record the entire session. It also comes with 24/7 customer service. With Free iPhone Spy, you get notifications whenever there is an irregular activity happening in the target device.  


6Spy allows you to secretly monitor your child’s or loved one’s phone without them knowing it. You can easily track call logs, messages, GPS locations, and chat threads easily. With this app, you can have a safe and secure platform for monitoring activities hassle-free. With 6Spy, you can still spy on messages even if they had long been deleted from the target device. You can monitor multiple devices with ease. It is compatible with both iOs and Android devices.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone lets you track the location of other Apple devices that you own. Just open the app from one of your devices and you will know the last known location of your other iPad, iPhone, or Mac. If your device was stolen, you can easily use the app to locate it. With Find My iPhone, you just have to register all your devices using one Apple ID. After registering, you can now enable the service. To activate it, simply go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>On

Find My Friends

If you think that it will be hard to monitor other Apple devices that do not have the same Apple ID, then you haven’t tried to Find My Friends app yet. In order to use the service, you would have to authorize your friends or family members to view your phone’s location. The app comes handy for parents who want to track the location of their children. However, the app will not let you record messages, phone calls, or camera activity. You can only do so if you got the permission of the owner.


MobiPast is a free iPhone spy software that lets you track your kids or employees undetected directly from your mobile device. With this app, you can monitor text messages, Facebook chats, WhatsApp, Yahoo, and other social media networks.  It also allows you to track phone calls, GPS locations, Internet history, contacts, notes, and passwords.

Spying on another person’s device may be an encroachment of their privacy but using free spy apps could be legal and acceptable. Further, there might be no encroachment of privacy as these apps let you track the other device undetected. 

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John O. Brooks is a Columnist at Grit Daily. An online entrepreneur and full-time freelance writer, writing is his passion.

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