When Ian Bell and Dan Gaul met in 2001, it wasn’t with visions of grandeur, but rather with Bell having the coolest cell phone.

The two would go on to build one of the largest product review sites online, Digital Trends.

DT Founders, Ian Bell and Dan Gaul

In present day, DT sees 30 million unique visitors per month and has over 100 employees in 4 cities.

“Our philosophy now is that technology is the oxygen that we breath.” – Ian Bell

For Bell and Gaul it was important from the beginning that reviews be as non biased as possible and hold to their unique voice; in a crowed online market, that core value has helped them to build a loyal following.

The two were determined to do it their own way, and so in 2006 they started Digital Trends with a $50,000 small business loan, by 2009 the business had quickly grown to 75 employees.

“If we help people make better decisions around buying product, learning about product, then we’ve done our job.” – Dan Gaul

When asked about legacy, the founders explained that to their purpose, as simple as it is, comes down to making people’s lives better, by helping them make better decisions.

It sounds like getting recognized in a Digital Trends sweatshirt at Best Buy and getting to play with the latest gadgets is just an added benefit.

Ian Bell and Dan Gaul sit down with me, Jeremy Ryan Slate, on the latest episode of the Create Your Own Life Show.