After a monumental feat for America last night during the 2018 Midterm Elections, the country is booming with excitement, especially for country artist and legend, Billy Ray Cyrus. Cyrus’ previously took the Nashville stage for “Party At the Polls 2018.”

It’s all red, white, and blue for country music artist, Billy Ray Cyrus

Democracy Wins!

Following a passionate plea to get out the vote, Cyrus’ thought-provoking ballad, “Goddess of Democracy,” surpassed over 1 million views on YouTube. The single has continued to pick up steam with version two featuring Tyler Hilton. Cyrus released “Goddess of Democracy” as the first track off his new album, The SnakeDoctor Circus, set for release in 2019.

“Now is the time to let your voice be heard,” said Cyrus. “This is how you be the change you want to see. Democracy. People have lived for it. Others have died for it. It’s the foundation our country stands on. That’s what ‘Goddess of Democracy’ is all about.”

“Democracy Wins! On this given day, America isn’t just red and blue. It’s red, white and blue. Congratulations, America!” -Billy Ray Cyrus

Cyrus’ latest accomplishment with his latest music single coincided with his activism to get Native American voters ID cards and raise awareness about the importance of voting.

It’s a monumental feat in the streaming and digital media era for Cyrus, who’s sold more than 20 million worldwide and still holds the record for having a debut album at No. 1 for 17 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart.

Rockin’ The Vote

Cyrus appeared all over national television, including ABC News’ “The Briefing Room” and CNN’s HLN “On the Story,” to discuss his passion to get out the vote. Days before the election, Cyrus visited North Dakota where he performed for a packed house at Turtle Mountain Tribal Community College.

Actor Mark Ruffalo and native entertainers joined Cyrus while tribal council staff provided four machines on site to make new identification cards for those who did not have street addresses on their IDs. Overall, officials said more than 2,000 new voters are registered in this election.

“Cyrus’ thought-provoking ballad washes fluidly over current events of the day, allowing listeners to formulate their own questions, fears, and misgivings about the state of our great nation. No matter your affiliation, the lyrics and interspersed allusions to religious icons are bound to bring images to mind, most likely different ones for every single person. That’s just the nature of the song. No doubt as you listen to this you’ll have a list of events of your own that come forward. That’s the power Billy Ray Cyrus unleashes.” 

-Country Rebel

“His vocals are rich and raspy, and it has a haunting effect on the listener. The harmonica instrumentation on there is an added bonus, which compliments Cyrus’ rousing songwriting abilities. Listeners will be drenched in a wide spectrum of raw emotions.”

 -Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal

Joining the Catalogue of Hits

Billy Ray Cyrus / Photo Credit: Steven J. Bradley

The ballad helps maintain Cyrus’ relevancy across YouTube, adding to his massive catalogue of hits, with 100 million views, including:

  1. Goddess of Democracy, 1 million views
  2. Trail of Tears, 1.5 million views
  3. Wher’m I Gonna Live? – 1.6 million views
  4. Back to Tennessee, 1.9 million views
  5. Ready, Set, Don’t Go,  3 million views
  6. Romeo, 3.6 million views
  7. Could’ve Been Me, 3.7 million views
  8. Some Gave All, 4.9 million views
  9. She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore, 5.2 million views
  10. Butterfly Fly Away, 19 million views
  11. Achy Breaky Heart, 48 million views