FoodFinder Food App Helps Those In Need During Pandemic

Published on May 15, 2020

During this time of uncertainty, many face the fear of going hungry or not being able to feed their family, so one University of Michigan alumni is changing that. One alumni is changing the game for many people who are facing food insecurity by creating an app that can help find local food banks to help feed those who are in need.

Jack Griffin created the app FoodFinder that helps those in need to find local food pantries near them. FoodFinder was created back in 2014, but the need for the app has grown due to the coronavirus. FoodFinder has helped 115,000 people connect with local food programs.

Griffin told Michigan News that, since the pandemic, the usage of the app went up a lot. “The need for hunger relief, for emergency food assistance, skyrocketed and, subsequently, so too has the need for FoodFinder and the information we provide. We are the largest source of this information anywhere, offline, or online.”

FoodFinder had its peak in March and April, and the volume of users went up to 3,000 a day from an average of 700 before the pandemic. FoodFinder has and is continuing to help people in need.

Local food pantries and food banks aren’t as easy to find, like your local bakery or grocery store. Most people don’t know that they have local food banks, or they either don’t know where its located in their town or city, so having this resource to find them is just as beneficial as trying to find a bakery that sells macaroons.

Not only can FoodFinder help people in need but can be used by yourself if you want to help those in need as well. The pandemic has caused concerns across the world, especially with food, so why not try to help out as well. Some of these food banks out there may be running low on food since the beginning of the pandemic with everyone going, so if you have some food, you would like to give away give it to your food bank to help out someone in need. Take advantage of the services that the app is giving you will be helping out someone who needs it, and you could make their day.

Creating this type of resource can not only be useful for times like these but also when things like this aren’t going on, and others are in need. FoodFinder is not only helping those in need but also fighting world hunger just one city or town at a time.

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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