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Food Podcasts You Should Tune Into

Podcasts are a good past time to engulf yourself in. You could be cleaning, driving, knitting or whatver to pass the time and have one of your favorite podcasts playing in the background. Nowdays there are many podcasts that you can listen to and I have been listening and exploring many different types of podcasts during my time in quarantine. One new genre of podcasts that I just discovered and actually can’t stop listening to is food podcasts. 

I’m such a foodie and anything releated to cooking, baking or just food in general grabs my attention. When I first saw there were podcasts for food I was a little skeptical and also curious on how that could work, but of course I was proven wrong. Learning about food and what to do and what not to do is actually something that’s worth listening to and I think everyone should at least take a listen as we’ll because you never know what you might learn from it. 

Face Jam

I mean we have all heard of “Super Size Me” where the guy just eats McDonald’s for an entire month. This is sort of like that. Two guys Michael Jones and Jordan Cwierz are here to try every fast food meal there is on earth, and their podcast about it is really entertaining.

Food Heaven 

Looking for podcasts that may help you with your health and changing your diet? This podcast is perfect for you. Registered dietitian and nutritionist Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones are here to help, with podcast titles like “What To Do When You’re Sick Of Cooking” and “How to Stay Nourished In Times of Chaos.” 

Home Cooking 

Need some cooking wizardry right now? Home Cooking is a podcast where chef and author Samin Nosrat and creator and host of Song Exploder come together is this cooking series to help you figure out what to cook during quarantine. 

A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich 

This is a food podcast full of conversations that we all bring up regualrly but just don’t think about in-depth. This podcast is all about the controversial creations that are creating in the food world like “a hot dog is a sandwich.”

Wine for Normal People

Want a little history lesson about some wines? Here is the podcast for you. The only issue is that you won’t want to be as sober as you probably should be if you’re driving or are at work.


Proof podcast goes beyond the food scene—like way beyond. I guess you can call it the background and the hard questions people ask when it comes to food, like “where do cravings come from?” And the funny backstories behind food and drinks that are popular today.

Mystery Recipe

This podcast is for everyone out there. Trust me, you will enjoy listening to this podcast—even so much that the kids will want to listen along as well. Each episode is themed with an ingredient and builds up to cooking a beautiful recipe in the process. And in the end you will have a boss cook book sitting in your kitchen.