Fly Air, Inc. Is Changing Private Aviation for Good

Published on June 15, 2023

Fly Air is changing the way travelers interact with private aviation by allowing them to book a private jet at the speed of voice.

The app is easy to use. Simply create an account by picking a username, entering your email address, and setting a password, and then book your flight using the voice-activated artificial intelligence:

“Book me a flight from New York to Los Angeles.”

That’s all it takes. The app also allows you to customize your flight preferences, food preferences, and more.

The Fly Rewards Program

Perhaps most interesting is the company’s goal to bring blockchain technology to a highly traditional industry. Having established a domicile company out of Bermuda called Fly Air International, Fly Air began pursuing a first-of-its-kind air miles rewards program for private aviation, the Fly Rewards Program.

“We were received in Bermuda by Premier David Burt,” recalls Fly Air Chief Operating Officer Brian Santos, who is also an early Bitcoin investor and founder of the Bitcoin Business Network. “We earned all of the approvals, including by the Bermuda monetary authority.”

The program uses blockchain technology so that travelers can earn progressive rewards. The more you fly, the more you earn. The Fly tokens are deposited directly into a traveler’s account with benefits like discounted flights, priority access to all inventory, and white-glove concierge services.

“Because the tokens are part of a blockchain, they are essentially there forever and can not be confiscated, lost or voided,” says Santos. Generally, air mile programs do expire if they’re not used within a certain amount of time. Not with Fly Rewards Program. Furthermore, there is a limited supply of Fly tokens–one billion.

Fly tokens are issued on an ERC-20 smart contract. Fly tokens are awarded to members who frequently fly with the Fly platform. Members are able to reserve and pay for the travel on demand with Fly tokens. “We’ve built in progressive rewards with discounts on flights based on a member’s total usage,” explains Santos. “Members can also level up the more Fly tokens they earn.”

The app also provides wallet integration. Fly App can reflect both crypto and cash balances. The company also forged a partnership with Stripe which can take up to a million dollars.

How Fly Air, Inc. Came to Be

Fly Air, Inc. Chairman Stuart Bullard was a musician before entering the aviation industry. He plays 13 instruments. As a young artist in Pittsburgh, he moved to California to pursue his music dream. He found himself on Dr. Dre’s production team, creating songs such as “California Love” and more.

Once the music industry began to change due to file sharing, he went into aviation. A confidant told him that, in order to learn the business of aviation, one should become a pilot. He became a multi-type rated pilot aviator.

“Pilots understand the clientele,” says Bullard.

After learning to fly, Bullard learned to code, including how to code blockchain. He then got to work building the Fly App.

“We ultimately coupled voice integration and artificial intelligence with a state of the art booking setup,” he explains.

How Fly App Works

With Fly App, anyone today can book private travel on demand, using artificial intelligence and blockchain to make their experience easier, faster, and cheaper than anything that’s available in the existing marketplace.

Booking a flight is easy with Fly’s voice-activated AI. “Simply tell the fly app where you want to go,” explains Santos. “The app will show you all the available flight legs for your query, and display the aircraft type with photos and pricing.”

Once you select your desired flight, Fly Air confirms your booking from the home screen. You can tap the timeline icon to review your upcoming flights. If you’re planning to travel with other passengers, you can even create a group to share important information. The Fly App accesses real-time price data to calculate exchange rates, ensuring you get the best price.

The Modern Private Aviation Industry

Bullard’s plan is to penetrate a massive, growing industry with blockchain technology. The aviation industry is predicted to generate revenues of more than $35 billion by 2025. The US charter industry has seen more than a 10% increase in the number of flights and a 12% boost in flight hours.

While ownership of private jets is cost-prohibitive, legacy charter companies are slow and unresponsive. Few private jet companies accept cryptocurrency, and none of them run their own blockchain, which Fly has built so users can split flights with friends and colleagues. The private aviation industry also suffers from limited aircraft, which leads to a lack of choice.

How Fly Air, Inc. Revolutionizes Private Aviation

Fly Air, Inc. solves these problems by connecting members to the private jet carriers directly in their region, with aggregation data for all available routes, which provides the most optimal flights using an AI-powered mobile application.

Fly claims to be faster and smarter than other private aviation booking apps. “We’ve developed a state of the art book querying system, which is easy to use,” said Santos. “We’ve integrated both AI and blockchain to cut costs and increase efficiency.”

Fly makes money by taking a percentage of all reservations made on the platform and by also providing concierge services on demand 24/7. Fly does all this by having established partnerships with top aviation data aggregators.

“We’ve crafted a series of functionalities that make the user experience as easy as possible,” said Santos. “At the click of a button, you can pull pricing from thousands of fixed base operators. For instance, a trending routes button, which shows the flights that are most booked on the system.”

Whenever you book a flight through the Fly app, there’s always a human in the loop to make sure that you have a phenomenal experience through one of the operators. Clients have different tastes depending on their backgrounds, and Fly Air realizes that.

“We customize every single flight to the client’s needs,” said Santos. “We plug in with the operators to make sure that everything is on par with what the client wants to see on the flight. If they’re vegan, the food on the flight will be vegan. If they need a bed to sleep on, they’ll have it.”

Fly offers a variety of options, from turboprop jets all the way up to specialized Boeing business jets, G4, G5s, and all the way down to King Air 250s.

“We offer a dynamic experience to our customers in real time,” said Santos.

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