Meanwhile In Florida: This Police Station Will Test Your Illegal Drugs for Coronavirus…For Free

Published on March 6, 2020

Meanwhile in Florida…the Atlantic Beach Police Department announced in a Facebook post that any Florida residents who have purchased illegal street drugs, can bring it to the station to have it tested for COVID-19 (coronavirus). And no, this isn’t a case of entrapment. We think?

The warning shared that if you bought cocaine, meth, heroin, or any other drugs in the area, that it could be contaminated with coronavirus:

“WARNING: have recently purchased cocaine, meth, heroin, or any other street drugs locally, it may be contaminated with the Corona Virus. Please bring the drugs to the police department and we will test them for free. If you’re not comfortable coming to the police department, we will send an officer to your house and they’ll test your illegal drugs in the privacy of your home! Please spread the word! 

Andrew "Drew" Rossow is a former contract editor at Grit Daily.

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