The 8 Best Flannel Pajamas to Keep You Warm and Toasty in 2023

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 14, 2021

Whether you want something cozy for a cool night or just something comfortable to relax in, it does not get much better than flannel pajamas. They are made out of soft material, incredibly warm, and designed to be as comfy as possible. So if you want some great pajamas for the winter season, check out the list below.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Flannel Pajamas:

Criteria for Choosing the Best Flannel Pajamas

The goal of this list is to present the best flannel pajamas out there, so it was important to only select the most comfortable and reliable options. Here are some of the criteria used when choosing the flannel pajamas for this article:

  • Material: When you think of flannel, you think of softness and warmth, but not all flannel is the same. Even if it is made from 100% cotton, some flannel is not as soft and comfortable as others. Only the flannel pajamas that offer the most softness and warmth were chosen.
  • Fit: The fit of the pajamas is also important. Of course, it can be hard to be absolute with the fit, but the design and cut of the pajamas can make a big difference. You also want plenty of room to move around for maximum comfort.
  • Breathability: Although you want warmth in your flannel pajamas, you do not want them to be stifling. You want to be warm, not sweaty or hot.

The stitching and other small details also played a role in which pajamas were chosen. Moreover, things like the presence of pockets, the waistband, and the hems and cuffs were taken into consideration as well.

The 8 Best Flannel Pajamas

Although there are plenty of brands of flannel pajamas, there are also quite a few that do not make a high-quality product. Many offer pajamas that are not as soft on the inside as they are on the outside, while others do not fit well, making it difficult to relax. But there are some great brands out there, such as those on the list below.

PajamaGram Button-Down Women’s Pajamas

If you are looking for a comfy set of flannel pajamas, PajamaGram will deliver. Their pajamas are made out of 100% brushed flannel cotton, so they are soft and warm, ensuring your comfort. They are also made to last, utilizing durable material that will not fade or thin when you wash them in a washing machine. The craftsmanship is solid, too.

In addition, these pajamas use just the right amount of material, giving you a mid-weight fabric that keeps them breathable and comfortable without them being see-through or overly heavy. They also feature things like an elastic drawstring, notched collar and chest pocket, cuffs and piping on the sleeves, and a large selection of colors and sizes.

  • They are made out of 100% brushed flannel cotton
  • The material is durable, and the colors will not fade
  • The thickness and weight of the material ensure comfort and breathability
  • There is great attention paid to the small details
  • There are a large number of colors and sizes available

  • They tend to run large
  • Some people have commented that they shrink when washed

EverDream Sleepwear Men’s Flannel Pajamas

When it comes to pajamas for men, EverDream is a great choice. Their 100% cotton flannel feels amazing and will keep you nice and warm, allowing for a cozy night at home or an amazing night’s sleep. They are also lightweight, which means you can move around in them without a problem.

Another thing worth mentioning is the large buttons that make it easy to get the shirt on and off, which is a nice touch. They even have an elastic waistband to keep the trend of ease and comfort going. EverDream’s flannel pajamas only come in a few colors, but they look and feel amazing, so if you want a great set of sleepwear, check them out.

  • The 100% cotton flannel is soft and warm
  • They are lightweight and easy to move around and sleep in
  • The large buttons and elastic waistband are very convenient
  • They come at a great price for the quality

  • The color and size options can be a bit lacking
  • There are some complaints about them shrinking after being washed

Lands’ End Men’s Flannel Pajama Pants

If you only need the pants and not the full set, you can always pick up some flannel pajama pants from Lands’ End. These pajama pants are made out of 100% cotton, which is light and durable. Moreover, both sides of these pajama pants are brushed, ensuring you get the softness you want and deserve on the inside and outside.

These pajama pants are also loaded with nice features, such as two pockets, a functional fly, and an elastic waistband that is extra stretchy. Plus, they come in a large variety of colors with interesting and vivid designs. Lands’ End flannel pajama pants even come in normal, big, and tall inseams to give you a pair that fits perfectly.

  • The material is 100% cotton and brushed on both sides
  • They are warm, durable, and lightweight
  • There are some great designs and colors available
  • They come in normal, big, and tall inseams

  • They are a bit expensive for what you are getting
  • They will shrink a bit once washed

PajamaMania Women’s Cotton Flannel Pajama PJ Pants

There are also some great pajama pants for women out there, with one of the best brands being PajamaMania. These pajama pants are incredibly comfortable, and it is not a surprise since they are made with 100% cotton. Moreover, with their wide range of sizes and drawstring closure, you will have no problem finding a pair that fits well.

The best part about these pajama pants is the detail. The cuffed hems have piped trim looks great, and they have a tagless design to avoid any unwanted irritation when you are trying to relax. There are also a large number of colors to choose from, so you can get something that fits your style. As long as you like plaid, you will love these pants.

  • The material is very soft and breathable
  • There are a wide range of sizes available
  • The hems are cuffed and have appealing piped trim
  • They do not have an itchy tag to worry about
  • They come in a variety of colors

  • You might want to order a size up for roomy comfort

GLOBAL Comfy Pajamas for Women

Another set of flannel pajamas for women comes from GLOBAL, and they are not to be missed. These pajamas are bright and vibrant, but most importantly, they are super comfortable and roomy. These pajamas are great if you want to relax comfortably or sleep cozily on a cold night. And since they are breathable, you will not feel stuffy.

The reason these are so comfortable is the material, which is 100% cotton. They also have an elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring to give you plenty of control over how loose or snug the fit is. Plus, with GLOBAL, you have a wide range of colors and designs to choose between. The price for this set of pajamas is great as well.

  • There is plenty of room to move around comfortably
  • They are lightweight and breathable
  • The material is 100% cotton
  • The elastic waistband and drawstring combo gives plenty of freedom
  • They have a lot of color options

  • There are not that many size options
  • You might want to get a size up, especially if you are tall

SIORO Men’s Pajama Sets

When you are getting a set of pajamas, you want both parts to be high-quality, and you get that with SIORO. These pajamas have the type of quality you might expect from a department store for a fraction of the price. Moreover, since they are made from 100% cotton, they are every bit as soft and warm as any other pair out there.

There is also everything else you might expect, such as two pockets on the pants and a nifty pocket on the chest of the shirt. The waist is elastic for better fit and comfort as well, and with the drawstring, you can keep them on without a trace of discomfort. You even have a good selection of colors available.

  • The quality and durability of these flannel pajamas are fantastic
  • They are made out of 100% cotton
  • There are pockets on the pants and shirt
  • There are multiple color choices

  • The smallest size available is a medium
  • They can shrink after being washed

Noble Mount Women’s Pajamas Set

Noble Mount makes some top-notch flannel pajamas, and it all starts with the material. The 100% cotton is double-brushed flannel and sits at the peak of softness, making these pajamas extra comfortable. They are also incredibly warm, enough to keep you cozy even on the coldest winter nights.

They are also made to last, featuring a sleek design with double-seam stitching where it counts. You will also notice fine details that make these stand out from the many other pajama sets out there. Moreover, because they have shrinkage control, you can expect these to stay the perfect size, even after being washed.

  • The double-brushed flannel is extra soft and comfortable
  • They are warm enough for cold nights while remaining breathable
  • They have double-seam stitching at key areas
  • There are plenty of pockets to keep things in
  • The quality can be seen in the small details of these pajamas

  • The pants are not always as true-to-size as the tops

PajamaGram Men’s Flannel Pajamas Sets

PajamaGram is back again, but this time, it is for men’s pajamas. PajamaGram just makes a great product, which is why they are a brand that you should consider, regardless of whether you want pajamas for a man or a woman. The material is high-quality cotton, they are soft and have a comfortable fit, and they keep you warm.

The details are also noteworthy with these pajamas. They have a notched collar and chest pocket that add a little extra style to the pajamas, and they feature an elastic waist with a drawstring for a mix of fit and comfort on the pants. And they are just well made, which means you will not be looking for a new set anytime soon.

  • The cotton is brushed flannel and feels amazing
  • The colors will not fade after the pajamas are washe
  • They have a great mix of durability and comfort
  • They do not miss out on the small details

  • The size options are a tad limited
  • You might get some shrinkage after they are washed

How to Shop for the Best Flannel Pajamas

It can be tricky to find the perfect pair of flannel pajamas, but there are some things you can keep in mind and think about to make the decision a bit easier. Of course, the most basic consideration is size, such as picking a size up if you want a looser fit. However, some other things you can think about are:

  • Material: Although 100% is preferred and a good sign, what you usually want is brushed flannel cotton, which is very soft and comfortable. The quality and treatment of the cotton can make all the difference with flannel pajamas, so keep it in mind.
  • Weight: Some flannel pajamas are heavy and can wear you down. What you really want are pajamas that are lightweight or have a medium weight, which will allow you to get more comfortable and move around easily.
  • Style: Flannel pajamas are often seen in plaid and other similar styles, and they can have a very simple cut as well. However, there are some sleek options out there, and many have great designs and vibrant colors. Make sure to get a pair you love.

You might also want to consider whether you want your pajamas to have pockets and what kind of closure they have as well. Moreover, some have larger buttons, which might be preferable for an older wearer.

In Conclusion 

There are plenty of reasons to get yourself a pair of flannel pajamas, especially when it is cold outside. They are comfortable and warm, allowing you to remain cozy as you lounge about or sleep. And now is the perfect time to get some. You will not regret it.

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