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Five Apps To Help Prevent Food Waste

Food waste has continued to grow over time and will continue to grow over time if we don’t do anything to prevent food waste at all. Since the pandemic, the percentage of food waste has increased dramatically. It’s crazy to believe that 40 million Americans face food insecurity every day.

 Between each level of the food supply chain, food like farms, distributions, grocery stores, and in your own home continues to waste. Food waste is a serious issue that people should be informed about, and if people knew how much food lost a day, they would be grateful for those leftovers that they are eating for the second day in a row. 

The good thing is that there are many organizations out there who are bringing this issue to the light and who are fighting food insecurity. Along with those organizations, many individuals have created apps dedicated to food waste. 

If you want to join the change and stop food waste or at least lessen it and be apart of a vast movement, here are four apps that help prevent food waste and help those looking for their next meal. 


This app is available in the U.S. and Canada and prevents food waste by reselling grocery foods. Once the meals are approaching their best before the date at a discounted price. This app also takes the items that most grocery stores throw away because they “think” they aren’t good enough to eat and ships them to customers. Farmers can also use the app by giving Flashflood items that were rejected by grocers.  

Food Rescue, U.S. 

This app fights food insecurity by connecting food donors with different organizations that help others who don’t know when their next meal will be. Before giving away, their food users will have to answer a few questions and request a food pick up. Then the app will match you with a nearby shelter and sends a driver to pick up the food.


According to Vogue UK ,”Foodcloud partners supermarkets with charities to donate unsold food items. This is one of the best food waste apps for supporting local communities through organizations such as homeless shelters and family support services.”


This app connects you and your nearby neighbors and friends and local retailers on food that can be used and not thrown away. You can also use this app as a trading tool if you want to switch some kitchen appliances or garden tools.

No Waste

According to Vogue UK No Waste works“with a receipt and barcode scanner, expiration reminders and a meal-planning feature, this food inventory app helps you to reduce waste, unnecessary purchases and to save money.”

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