Jane Fonda Takes Fire Drill Friday Virtual

Published on March 26, 2020

Jane Fonda’s weekly Fire Drill Friday climate change protest is moving to the virtual world.

March for Climate Justice

Fire Drill Friday started out as a weekly march on the Capitol in Washington DC. Fonda brought out all sorts of celebrity friends to march for climate justice. Each week had a theme, from protecting forests to defunding fossil fuels.

Often, these protests would end in notable figures in makeshift zipline handcuffs. Fonda, Joaquin Phoenix, Ted Danson, and Lily Tomlin have all been arrested for their participation in the climate justice protests.

In early February, Fire Drill Fridays moved to Los Angeles. In LA, even more celebrities flocked to Fonda’s side to rally for climate justice.

Going Virtual

Now, because of the outbreak of COVID-19, gathering in large numbers is no longer safe, or legal in Los Angeles. So Fonda is partnering with Greenpeace to take her activism to the virtual space.

A spokesperson for Greenpeace said Fonda will be “hosting monthly virtual rallies as well as additional programming throughout the month on Fridays to continue to keep the pressure on politicians to adopt a Green New Deal, end new fossil fuels, and enact a just transition to a renewable economy that protects workers and communities”

“We may be staying home, and yes, we must stay home, but we will never stop speaking out about the climate crisis and demanding our leadership take action. And while you are quarantined at home, we hope you will join us virtually because our movement is not slowing down,” said Fonda “The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus in America has exposed the catastrophic weaknesses in our healthcare system and social safety net. Our government must support those suffering from the triple threat of COVID-19, the climate crisis, and a looming recession by investing in an economy beyond fossil fuels,”

The virtual events will begin this Friday at 11 am PT.

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