There’s already been a flood of memes and talk show appearances of the Fiji Water girl who made a splash (sorry for the pun, usually not my style) at the Golden Globes on Sunday. The stunt, or well-thought out plan, was a goldmine, ah, deep well of marketing (sorry, I’m doing it again).

The result: A tidal wave of media (last time, I promise), web traffic and sales, let alone the equivalent of an ad campaign valued at $12 million. Not bad for the half day rate of a photographer and a Wilhelmina model.

But the smartest thing Fiji’s team did on that red carpet is not the model they used. It is using a well-known celebrity photographer as their hired brand photographer for the evening.

Every shot on Getty Images, or anywhere that includes a celeb and Kelleth Cuthbert, is credited as “photo by Stephanie Keenan for Fiji.” I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie years ago. Stephanie is a well respected celebrity photographer, red carpet veteran, and magazine cover photo go-to. Kim K, Jared Leto, Gwyneth, and Kerry Washington, to drop just a few names she’s photographed. Although there’s less water, you can see some of her work here.

The celebrities on this carpet were comfortable trusting her to take their photo, as she has done many times on other carpets. She, I assume, was hired to get Fiji water in every single shot she could. And she did. Congrats to Fiji and Stephanie, the secret weapon of this marketing / PR triumph! And to Kelleth, for what we can assume is the start a big career.