Fenty Beauty Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Diamonds

Published on September 11, 2018

Where would the beauty world be without Rihanna? Really. The pop music and beauty mogul celebrated the one year anniversary of the release of her beauty line, Fenty Beauty on September 8. Fenty Beauty rocked the beauty world last fall when the pop star released 40 shades of foundation catered to all skin color shades. Since then, the beauty line has steadily launched some of the most awe-inspiring products we’ve seen grace the shelves of Sephora in a long, long time. “Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: For women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included, that’s the real reason I made this line,” explains Rihanna on the brands Sephora page.

Since the release of Fenty Beauty, more beauty brands have focused on making their products more inclusive of different skin tones. The line has overall upped the standards that consumers are looking for in a beauty product. Any company that released lines of skin-toned foundations and concealers after Fenty Beauty without offering a wide range of shades has faced a lot of critical backlash in both social media and the press. Any beauty company would be hard-pressed to receive positive feedback without releasing at least 30 range options in their products. This is the standard that Rihanna set for the beauty world with the release of Fenty Beauty.

Critics applauded Fenty Beauty for its inclusive lines of foundations from the start. Fans were also gushing over the company’s line of highlighters, lipsticks and shadows that saw a steady release over the following months from the initial launch. Reactions from the Killawatt highlighters caused a frenzy all over social media. As bloggers and fans around the world were radiating with the Rihanna glow everyone has wanted for so long. Soon after, the popstar added to the line with lipstick and eyeshadow options that caused another social media frenzy.

New Products from Fenty Beauty

The Bay Area-based brand has launched a few products for its first anniversary. The Fenty Beauty Diamond collection is available now at Sephora and features two new products. The Gloss Bomb Universal Luminizer is a high-gloss, glitter lip gloss available in two shades, rose and pearl. Beauty fanatics will love the high-shine effects of the lip gloss. While the subtlety of the color will pair well with just about any look. Also part of the Diamond Collection is a sparkling highlighter called Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil. The crystal white highlighter provides the Rihanna glow we’ve always wanted. It looks amazing on any skin tone and on any part of the body, under or over foundation.

The Diamond Collection by Fenty Beauty is available now. You can snag the products from the Fenty Beauty website or at Sephora. The products range in price between $18 and $38 for the lip gloss and highlighter, respectively. To commemorate the first anniversary of her beauty company, Rihanna also released a montage of photos on Instagram. The montage shows photos that honor Fenty Beauty’s many milestones. The photos begin with Rihanna at the company’s launch party last September. You can check out the montage on Rihanna’s Instagram account here.

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