Female Entrepreneur Taylor Ping Demonstrates the Value Behind Education

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Published on March 15, 2022

In recent years, the world has witnessed a profound shift from traditional classroom learning to learning on digital platforms. Notable figures behind the most successful businesses have found their way to making knowledge accessible by all.

The Founder of Masterclass, David Rogie, set his purpose to democratize education living by the motto  “Knowledge is power.” His learning platform ended up amassing over 100 videos from the world’s most renowned celebrity experts like Gordon Ramsey and Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

Today, young generations from all around the world flock towards online resources to up their skillsets and leverage them to create their own careers. Entrepreneurs are condensing their years of tumultuous grind and work into actionable and digestible courses for people who want to learn how to start their own ventures.

This provides a win-win solution for both the entrepreneur and the consumer. The entrepreneur makes a profit margin from the courses they put out, while the consumer gains valuable information and insights from someone that has been successful.

Taylor Ping as advocate of education
Photo credit: Taylor Ping, with permission

Taylor Ping is the founder, and CEO of Hierarchy Media, a branding and PR agency. Ping used her passion to create an agency that represents numerous high-profile individuals across Los Angeles. As Hierarchy Media grows, Taylor sees a more sustainable solution to offer value to as many people as she can— and that is through the power of education. One of her recent ventures includes training courses and a self-hosted celebrity podcast to empower and help people around the globe to attain success in business and life, called Dragun’s Den.

Here is why educating is the future of entrepreneurship.

Educating Gives Entrepreneurs a Greater Purpose

Once entrepreneurs hit a certain point in their ventures, the question that often arises is, what’s next?

Entrepreneurs are always seeking ways to offer more value for their customers. But beyond a certain financial remuneration, there remains the factor of impact, purpose, and fulfillment. 

Why do people serve? It’s because it gives their lives more meaning. One thing all entrepreneurs can offer is their past experiences and the pitfalls they encountered on their journey. This information can prove to be very valuable, and inspirational for people that are aspiring to start their own ventures.

As a natural born educator, Ping’s recent endeavors include providing actionable advice to help empower the women and men around the world. Whether that means hosting a cryptocurrency learning group or designing a Masterclass on iPhone Design. Ping is always trying to finding more ways to offer better value to her community.

Sharing Information Breeds a Transparent and Collaborative Environment

Photo by Visual Tag Mx from Pexels

It sometimes feels like we live in a zero-sum world. Entrepreneurial communities, on the contrary, share a common understanding of the tribulations that come with the role. That’s why when entrepreneurs in their communities witness success, the people that are most likely to celebrate for them are in fact not their own friends or family, but other entrepreneurs.

Knowledge used to be something that was held clad in an iron fist. Although to some degree this is still true, more and more entrepreneurs are sharing their strategies on how to find success in business and avoiding common pitfalls. This information can be widely found on platforms like Youtube, personal blogs and reputable publications

For Taylor, creating communities that facilitate this exchange of valuable information is crucial to her cause. She aims to empower women to start their own ventures, despite the voices in their lives telling them they can’t do it. Her mission is to turn the can’t into the cans.

Educating as a Form of Adding Continuous Value

As a company grows, CEOs may find it harder to personally connect with every one of their clients. It becomes increasingly difficult to service every client, especially the smaller ones. One way to tackle this is to offer lifetime access training courses. These courses can be bought one time, and used and reused to help someone get from zero to 100.

Finding ways to service more clients without deviating her attention from the clients she has now, is at the forefront of Taylor’s aspirations for Hierarchy. Taylor says, “I realize that the more I grow, the less ability I have to service all the clients I want. That’s why I want to provide them a resource that can help them, and scale this to help even more people grow their brands, without having me actually present in every single step of the process. I think this is where online courses and training come in handy.”


Education is at the pinnacle of development, and bringing it to the digital realm is a form of democratizing it. Entrepreneurs will find it increasingly valuable to share their lessons through scalable methods like course delivery. This can help facilitate the growth of more innovation and creative spirit amongst communities at large.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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