FDA Approves Huma’s Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) Platform

By Brad Anderson Brad Anderson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 16, 2023

Huma, a prominent digital health company, has recently announced that its Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) platform has received Class II clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This significant milestone allows Huma to provide its disease-agnostic platform for monitoring patients of all ages, including pediatrics and pregnancy, regardless of their condition. The platform also features integration capabilities with various third-party devices, such as heart rate monitors and smart inhalers, making it versatile and adaptable to different healthcare needs.

Huma’s SaMD platform empowers digital health pathways by collecting patient data for self-management or remote assessment by healthcare professionals (HCPs). The platform offers a range of technologies, including remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems and companion apps, facilitating effective disease management.

Obtaining Class II clearance signifies that Huma’s SaMD platform can host artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for automated data analytics. These algorithms support screening, diagnosis, dosing recommendations, clinical decision making, and prognostication. By leveraging this cutting-edge functionality, healthcare providers can identify at-risk patients, intervene early, and deliver high-quality care more effectively. Furthermore, Class II clearance enables better support for patients exhibiting early signs and symptoms that may indicate disease progression and more serious, preventable events.

As part of the FDA clearance, Huma’s cardiovascular risk score algorithm, which is currently being implemented in a nationwide screening program in the United States to enhance cardiovascular health, has also received FDA 510-K clearance. This algorithm will enable healthcare providers to assess patients’ cardiovascular risk more accurately and implement appropriate interventions.

Dan Vahdat, the CEO and founder of Huma, expressed his delight regarding the FDA’s Class II clearance. This regulatory approval adds to the platform’s recent EU MDR Class IIb approval, positioning it as one of the most well-regulated technologies globally. Vahdat emphasizes that Huma’s partners can now swiftly launch Class II regulated software for new diseases and use cases within a matter of weeks, rather than having to invest years in developing and regulating their own solutions. This newfound agility will enable partners to care for more patients efficiently.

Dr. Rishi Patel, the cardiology service line medical director at Banner Medical Group in Arizona, shared his enthusiasm for Huma’s achievement. As a potential partner, Dr. Patel highlights the significance of the Class II clearance, which assures healthcare providers of a highly regulated, safe, and evidence-based platform for the care and management of their patients.

Huma’s FDA clearance for its disease-agnostic SaMD platform marks a significant milestone in the digital health industry. The integration of AI algorithms and the platform’s versatility in monitoring patients of all ages and conditions open doors to innovative healthcare solutions. By combining cutting-edge technology with regulatory compliance, Huma aims to revolutionize patient care, enabling healthcare providers to deliver personalized, data-driven interventions and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

In conclusion, Huma’s achievement in receiving FDA Class II clearance for its disease-agnostic SaMD platform demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing next-generation health insights and predictions. With its platform’s regulatory approvals and validated algorithms, Huma is poised to empower its partners in caring for more patients with fewer obstacles. The future of digital health looks promising as companies like Huma continue to push the boundaries of innovation, ultimately transforming the way healthcare is delivered and experienced.

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By Brad Anderson Brad Anderson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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