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Facebook Will Now Let You Unsend Messages

Good news for anyone that’s ever sent a message to their ex only to regret it instantly; Facebook is now letting you unsend messages. The social network announced this week that it will be implementing a new feature that lets users unsend messages within a ten minute window. The feature is something that users have been begging for. OG text users will remember (and long for) the days when you could cancel a text message with the click of a button. This feature will be similar to that, but you’ll have a whole ten minutes to rething what you said online.

Facebook first made the announcement that users will eventually be able to unsend messages about a year ago. The company said in April of last year that it would be creating and implementing a new feature that lets users delete messages from both parties inboxes. This announcement came shortly after the company recieved criticism when some of its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s, messages had disappeared from peoples inboxes. The company announced that it would no longer be deleting messages from or between its executives until the feature was available to the public.

The ability to delete messages once they’ve been sent has been quietly rolled out by Facebook in the last couple of weeks. To take advantage of the opportunity (and I will), simply update the app within your phone’s app store. Once you send a message, you’ll be able to delete it within a ten minute window of sending it.  To unsend, simply hold down on the message until an option menu pops up. Within that menu, you can select “remove for everyone” from the list and your message will disappear.

It does work, in theory. After trying it with a friend we found that it did not prevent a push notification from popping up. It’s unclear how the app will manage removing push notifications from a users phone. If I did do it right, the social network clearly has some work to do. What’s the point of being able to delete messages if the person on the other end got them anyway? Now not only have I sent something I regret, but it’s obvious when I’ve tried to cover my tracks.

Facebook also announced this week that it’s purchased an AI startup that helps you shop for things like furniture. GrokStyle allows users to take a photo of something that they like and do an image search for similar products. The company’s technology is currently being used in IKEA campaigns to let users shop for specific items via image search. The social network has not said what it plans to do with the technology. Facebook Marketplace introduced a craigslist-style way for users to sell their belongings. This could be what the company plans to use GrokStyle’s technology for.