Executive Coach Barbara Morris-Blake Uses Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology to Elevate Her Clients’ Performance

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 14, 2024

Businesses depend on inventive, proactive, and inspirational leadership to thrive in a complex environment. C-suite executives in the 21st century are confronted with a raft of potentially perplexing issues relating to factors like global supply chain disruptions, cybersecurity threats, constantly shifting consumer preferences, demands to adopt more socially responsible and sustainable practices, and the impact of global events that can disturb multiple national economies simultaneously.

With the need for superior leadership greater than ever before, the demand for executive coaching services has soared. With the coaching industry now valued at a staggering $11.6 billion, boasting a vast community of over 100,000 coaches globally, it’s clear that individuals and organizations recognize the important role coaches can play in their journey to prosperity — which is exactly why so many are turning to Barbara Morris-Blake to ask for assistance.

There are many outstanding executive coaches plying their wares on the global stage, and Barbara Morris-Blake has ascended within their ranks to a place of international prominence. As the founder of the executive coaching firm Elevate Organizations, Barbara offers customized coaching services to executives and leadership teams in successful organizations across the world, and she has helped many people improve their performance as leaders and teammates.  

So, what is the secret to her success? Much of it is based on her in-depth knowledge of neuroscience and cognitive psychology, which animates her efforts to develop effective self-help strategies for leaders seeking that winning edge. By leveraging the power of brain sciences, she helps her executive clients tap into and unleash their unique, hidden talents for dynamic leadership.

Experience Plus Brain Science Make the Decisive Difference

Barbara Morris-Blake holds an MBA in Leadership and Management from York St. John University in Yorkshire, England. She is also a Certified Lumina Practitioner and a Predictive Index Partner and has continuing education certifications in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Basadur Simplicity Thinking.

Barbara’s coaching methods are comprehensive and multileveled. She advises individual clients and groups on how to overcome an enormous range of challenges, having gained an enormous amount of business acumen after interviewing more than 10,000 people involved in a wide range of industries over the course of her career. She has expertise in strategic thinking and visioning, effective decision-making strategies, interpersonal and professional communication, and creating a more constructive and productive interplay between team members involved in cooperative leadership projects. Barbara places a great emphasis on accountability, honesty, and objective analysis, all of which can transform a business and make it more transparent, cohesive, and successful.

In addition to her skills and experience, her determination to anchor her coaching strategies in the most up-to-date research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology is another factor that distinguishes Barbara from many of her competitors.

Neuroscientists study the brain as a physical organism, and they specialize in identifying the links between neural activity and various psychological and emotional states. Cognitive psychology also recognizes the primacy of the brain as an organism but is most concerned with mental processes, i.e., the way we think, remember, and learn. Cognitive psychologists also study the foundations of personality, focusing on people’s thoughts, values, attitudes, and self-perceptions.

While many scientists who study these subjects focus on pathology or dysfunction, there is an alternative pathway of research that looks more closely at life’s true high-flyers to identify the underlying traits and habits that explain their success. Barbara Morris-Blake identifies with the latter tradition, extracting information from the research that she can use to help her clients change their behavior and thinking patterns forever. She shows executives how to break down self-imposed barriers to success and replace them with mindsets and attitudes that align with the principles of superior leadership and consistently high achievement.

Barbara is constantly refining and fine-tuning her style of training to promote optimal performance, based not on theory but on the latest evidence to emerge from the scientific study of the brain and the mind. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients complete a profound personal metamorphosis, where they can become not just the good leaders they’ve wanted to be but the inspirational leaders they’ve always had the potential to be.

Executive Coaching for the Brain and the Mind

Barbara Morris-Blake has become an expert on leadership development for executives, executive teams, and for aspiring leaders with high ambitions. Her guidance is grounded in experience and equally in the latest discoveries from the brain science fields.

“I’ve incorporated the latest brain research on neuroplasticity, cognitive behavior therapy, Mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation,” Barbara Blake-Morris says, explaining how she has developed her unique approach to executive coaching and leadership development.

Neuroplasticity describes the brain’s ability to form new connections and pathways to increase knowledge absorption and sharpen mental skills. Through consistent practice and feedback, leaders can develop new behaviors and thought patterns that represent clear and powerful departures from their previous habits, leading to lasting changes in leadership style and effectiveness.

While neuroplasticity generally declines with age, mental exercises and stimulating intellectual activity can halt or even reverse this trend. As Barbara Morris-Blake informs her clients, an engaged and active mind will more easily develop the traits associated with charismatic and respected leadership.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is grounded in the observation that negative thoughts and feelings tend to be self-perpetuating, as do more positive and constructive thoughts and feelings. This approach to self-healing shows those who practice it how to replace the former with the latter, which most are eager to do once they become more aware of how their attitudes and assumptions have impacted their life, for good in some instances and for ill in others.

While Barbara is not a psychologist, her comprehension of how cognitive behavioral therapy works and what it tells us about the mind has proven to be incredibly valuable in her coaching practice.

Mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation can likewise increase a person’s self-awareness by showing them how to step back from the current stream of their consciousness so they can more accurately identify its content. Mindfulness is actually the end result of meditation; it is marked by the ability to remain aware of the thoughts and emotions that are occupying the mind at any given moment, making them easier to recognize and control. Mindfulness and meditation are also excellent for reducing stress and anxiety, and as a result, they can help leaders maintain clarity and focus in high-pressure situations.

Tons of research has demonstrated how mindfulness practices promote psychological and emotional healing and growth, and they can undoubtedly help executive leaders become more self-confident, self-aware, and empowered.

Acting as a facilitator for personal development, Barbara Morris-Blake has been able to apply the insights of modern neuroscience and cognitive psychology to help executive leaders and teams reach their full potential for peak performance. Combined with her vast knowledge of the external challenges all organizations face, this has made her uniquely effective at helping leaders and leadership teams advance to the next stage of their development. 

Because of how thoroughly she prepares leaders to succeed, the people Barbara coaches tend to emerge from the experience feeling more in touch with their thoughts and emotions, enjoying expanded self-awareness and boosted self-confidence. They adopt a mindset that embraces hope and possibility, rejecting fatalism or pessimism. These results are all associated with enhanced mental health, which explains why her work is so often described not just as helpful but as transformative.  

Elevating Your Leadership

In addition to offering customized individual and team coaching services, Barbara Morris-Blake is also available for speaking engagements, where she shares enlightening observations on the dynamics of personal and professional achievement. But perhaps her most potent and comprehensive coaching initiative is Elevate Your Leadership, a 16-week intensive course that promises participants transformative growth and skill mastery as they strive to become more effective leaders. The course offers an immersive learning experience that includes individual and group instruction, video presentations, and regular personalized feedback. 

As would be expected, the structure and content of this leadership development course reflect the designer’s advanced understanding of neuroscience, psychology, and personality. And most importantly, they reflect Barbara’s extensive experience as a consultant, which has prepared her to help both established and inspiring leaders soar to new heights. Constructive thinking and healthy emotional processing provide the source material for dynamic and inspirational leadership, as leaders who come under the tutelage of Barbara Morris-Blake will inevitably come to understand.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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