March 2020

TacoSXTech by Grit Daily Live!

Cutting-Edge Tech, Creative Thinking, Innovative Policies

TacoSXTech Summit marries international sophistication with Texas hospitality; anchored by morning and afternoon panel talks with tacos.

  • 206 San Marcos St. Austin, Texas

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Interactive Panels

Top EU Start-ups

Breakfast Tacos & Bellinis

Why brands attend

March 13-21 in Austin Texas represents an opportunity to immerse in an audience of 150,000 technophiles from tech hubs Austin, San Francisco, LA, and Miami.

Media outlets equal trust. New York-based media outlet Grit Daily presents a specific opportunity to work with a media outlet with all of the access (with former ABC, CBS, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Vice, Vox, Verge, Forbes, Fast Company, and Thrillist on its “team”. For participating brands, TacoS-X-Tech Summit includes a room for business development.

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How Each Day is Structured.

The day is anchored by speaking content (live journalism) in the morning and afternoon. The morning session includes breakfast tacos and Bellini along with a pop-up fireside panel with thirty to forty in the audience, including startups.

The afternoon sessions includes a second tech-focused panel along with drinks, watermelon, Texas BBQ and similar fare.

The evening moves to a VIP dinner on E. 6th, walking distance and concludes with a small after party at the house.

It's an ideal marriage between European sophistication and Texan hospitality.


Looking to Develop Business?

Uniquely we'll dedicate a good size room (roughly six square meters) for business development. Nearest the back yard / audience, brands talk deals and get a good flow going.

Panelists build rapport, which lends naturally to doing business.

The location is comfortable, with three bathrooms. In addition a second room is converted for R&R.

Participating brands also have ticketed access to the other days, from March 13-21.


Meet our 2020 Speakers


TacoSXTech Schedule



Executive Chairman Breakfast

Lisa Wang

Executive Chairman Breakfast

Networking & Introductions - usually breakfasts are simple but not in Texas. Less of a gut bomb than huevos rancheros but more coma-inducing than omelets, Tex-Mex delivers morning sustenance without sacrifing the spice or butter.

Keynote Fireside Chat

Ben Lamm

Keynote Fireside Chat

w/ one of the most successful executives in the US and two other selected panelists will exchange knowledge and information about current trends.



Ever have the most amazing Tacos from the best taco truck in Austin?


Whurley (William Hurley)


Selected industry relevant topics including contemporary tech news.


Networking Cocktails

When you are in Texas... Enjoy good ole beer, wine or cocktails and chat with the greatest minds.



35 select guests from the tech and media who cannot get enough of Texan food.

Get Directions to TacoSXTech

TacoSXTech House

206 San Marcos St. Austin, Texas

Three blocks from Rainey St. and four blocks from the convention center.

Contact (event info)

Name: Patrick Seller

Email: [email protected]