Elicia Michaud Explains Why It’s Vital to Choose a Dedicated Real Estate Agent

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 29, 2024

Real estate is full of different backgrounds—they’re part of what makes the profession so vibrant and unique. But, amid countless professionals, how do buyers, sellers, and investors seeking an elevated experience know what kind of agent to prioritize?

The puzzle compounds when a transaction occurs in an in-demand city like Austin, Texas, heralded for its thriving culture and high living standards. Austin luxury real estate buyers especially must ensure the person representing them at the negotiating table is as well-equipped and experienced as possible.

Enter eXp Realty’s Elicia Michaud, a Realtor, Broker Associate, and Team Leader on the Austin, Texas real estate scene. Proficient in luxury real estate, property sales, and first-time home purchases alike, she’s resetting the standard on what to expect from your agent. While community engagement is a cornerstone of her practice, Elicia believes top realtors should always have a professional background rooted firmly in the property sector.

“I am different from most of my competitors in that I became a full-time Realtor right out of college,” she explains. “Two years later, I earned my broker’s license. Now, 23 years on, I’ve been in real estate half my life with hundreds of sales under my belt.”

A service-led professional who believes in cutting through the noise to deliver successful transactions for every client, Elicia Michaud of eXp Realty lets loose on how to partner with the best real estate agent in Texas for you:

Enquire about expertise

If they’re a certified realtor, they must be capable of meeting your expectations, right? Not always. Backgrounds run much deeper than a job title—it’s up to you to sort the seasoned stalwarts at the peak of the wave from the amateur agents treading water, especially if you need an accurate property analysis.

“When evaluating real estate, it’s critical to investigate an agent’s credentials before asking for their insight on pricing or marketing,” Elicia advises.

“Most people’s first question is about price,” she continues. “Once they hear that number, it’s hard to focus on anything else. But favoring the agent who told you what you want to hear could mean you miss red flags and important qualifiers or disqualifiers.”

Measuring someone’s track record before entrusting them with your dream property purchase, high-end investment, or luxury sale is vital. Across two decades-plus in Austin, Texas, real estate, Elicia Michaud has represented almost 500 properties, giving her an innate feel for the trajectory of any negotiation and the approach required to take it to a satisfactory conclusion.

Rely on a relevant résumé

Insight into real estate’s various scenarios needs professional prowess to complement it. There’s a common conception that crossing into real estate from another occupation brings extra benefits to clients. But as a Certified Mentor within eXp Realty, Elicia Michaud takes mastering the craft over a varied résumé.

“A lot of agents come into the business having negotiation experience from another industry, and it’s not the same,” she says. “Yes, real estate is a commodity trade, but unlike selling widgets or technology, there is a huge emotional component. Social media and team structures make it easy to fake experience, so it’s important to ask probing questions and evaluate production claims.”

Likewise, marketing isn’t the be-all and end-all that many purport it to be. Refreshingly, Elicia Michaud believes it’s part of a bigger picture, along with other vital skills to look for in a realtor, like negotiation abilities and a grasp of contracts. Beyond her thoroughbred property expertise, the Austin, Texas, real estate expert has numerous additional qualifications, including Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) and Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA).

Prioritize personalized service

That’s enough about the criteria and credentials to look for—you want to know what a real estate agent can offer you. Whether looking to put your earnings into a luxury investment or considering moving to The Lone Star State, the answer is the same—bespoke service from a professional committed to your goals.

In tune with her holistic philosophy, Elicia Michaud believes in blending her industry insight with principles that clients can count on. An adept negotiator and a tireless advocate, the Austin luxury real estate expert ensures clients attain their monetary and lifestyle aspirations. Her personalized service leaves room for the fundamental values guiding any top realtor: integrity, intuition, and a strong work ethic.

Incoming residents and ambitious investors alike can feel empowered by the perspective of a trusted Austin, Texas, real estate agent on the essential qualities to seek out. Don’t let part-time agents stall your journey toward your goals; find assurance in the experience and professionalism of a dedicated realtor.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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