Elena Belle Explains How to Turn a Personal Brand Into a Career

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Published on January 30, 2022

Elena Belle says being a “mom-fluencer” is not just a fad, it’s her career. Born in Ibiza, Spain, Elena grew up in Sweden, where she became a well known model and influencer. She is best known for participating in reality TV shows “Paradise Hotel” and several seasons of “Svenska Hollywoodfruar” (aka “Real Housewives of Sweden”) which followed Swedish women living glamorous Hollywood lifestyles and aired on TV3 until halted by the pandemic.

As a model, Elena just appeared on the cover of Maxim New Zealand’s January 2022 issue and works regularly with fitness, swimwear, and lifestyle brands. Her online content focuses on healthy cooking, fitness routines, body positivity, and being Mom to daughter Luna Belle.

Grit Daily: Social media has allowed for a whole new career path for those who are creative and can create value for their audience on social media. How did you first decide to use your platform for business purposes?

Belle: I first started my Instagram for fun. When I realized I could create a platform where people that have only seen me in pictures before could actually get to know me and my personality better, and at the same time promote my work and products that I believe in, it became both fun and work.

Grit Daily: What type of content is your specialty? What distinguishes your platform from other influencers in the space?

Belle: My platform is focused on travel, modeling, living a healthy lifestyle and being a mom. I mix in being very personal with my thoughts on more serious topics, and at the same time the post-glamorous moments of my life.

Grit Daily: What 5 tips do you have for an influencer starting out in the Mom arena on how to turn their personal brand into an actual IG career?

Belle: I think people want to relate to you and see that you are also like everyone else.

Cute pictures of your kids, I often share me and my daughter in matching outfits!

Make a cute Instagram account for your kid as well but be selective on how much personal content you share for children.

People want to know where all the cute clothes and toys are from. Post about products your family likes to help give advice to other moms and attract brand deals.

Try to have a niche. If you are interested in interior design, for example, post all the cute things in your child’s room like artwork, throw blankets, furniture and DIY projects.

Grit Daily: How do you monetize your content?

Belle: I promote brands I believe in. I keep anything promotional really authentic to who you are and what you actually use in your life is the most important. Audiences can see through it when something isn’t authentic. And in the end, so can brands.

Grit Daily: Are there other influencers or brands you admire who started on IG and found larger success?

Belle: Tammy Hembrow made a whole career on Instagram being a fitness mom. I really like her content. I like how she is both a loving mom but also sexy, smart and started from nothing. She is someone who people normally want to stereotype and she has shown that women can do it all. You don’t have to choose one thing!

Grit Daily: How do you protect your child/family when your job is to be a public personality on social media?

Belle: Keeping some moments private and out of social media is important. I don’t think social media should be a highlight reel. It should be real, so include the good and the more sensitive, but not everything. Some moments are truly personal.

Grit Daily: There are “haters” and “trolls” who demonize people on social media. How do you handle negative feedback and remain true to your vision?

Belle: I have learned to not care, but I’m human. Sometimes it gets to me, too. It’s important to know that these people behind these fake accounts are miserable in their own lives. Happy people don’t spread negativity or attack others.

Grit Daily: What trends to do you see for brands and influencers in 2022? How has the pandemic affected the way brands reach their audiences?

Belle: The Pandemic has been bad for influencers, because companies have lost a lot of money. It is hard for them to find the budget to keep paying influencers. We’ve had to adapt and find ways to make our content stand out to increase engagement and ROI for the brands.

Grit Daily: What are some of your dream collaborations?

Belle: I would love to collaborate with hotels and airlines and do more travel content. If anyone reading this is interested, shoot me a dm!

Grit Daily: What does having Grit in business mean to you?

Belle: It’s important to be consistent and present on social media. Set your goals and follow them. It won’t happen overnight but if you stick with it, you will see the results.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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