The electronic dance music (EDM) space has grown tremendously over the years, building up a strong fan following across the world. International House music DJ and record producer, Gareth Emery has made huge strides in the space, especially in light of the recent launch of his blockchain-based music platform, Choon, alongside co-founder, DJ Bjorn Niclas, disrupting the entire music industry with this new publishing and distribution platform.

English Trance DJ, Gareth Emery

In a previous interview with Emery, I invited him to join the #CYBERBYTE challenge and to share his message with the EDM world on how fans should stand up against online trolling and hate.

DJ Gareth Emery’s Drops His Beat About Fighting Bullying

As someone whose had a large number of followers, I definitely have had my experience with being trolled, so, I know first hand how unpleasant it can be, especially when you feel there’s nowhere to get away,” Emery told me.

#1 -Get Away From The Computer

The biggest tip is knowing when to walk away from the computer. For Emery, he likes taking a step away and even going outside for a walk.

“For me what has always helped has been getting away from the computer and going outside for a walk,” said Emery. “It’s realizing that there is a place away from the computer.”

#2 -Look To Outside Charities 

Emery also recommended going and researching the number of fulfilling charities out there. “There’s a lot of amazing charities out there doing great work in this space,” explained Emery. “I’ve worked with one in the past, called Ditch The Label, so that’s a good one to check out.”

The EDM record producer also told me that his most recent single, “Saving Light,” goes to the entire idea of standing up against cyberbullying. “The proceeds for the music video we made for the single went to the charity we designated.”

#3 -You’re Not On Your Own

Most importantly, Emery wants everyone who may be victimized by this, that it is not everlasting. There is a fight to be had.

“It does end; it’s not forever, and you’re not on your own,” said Emery.

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