Dunkin’s meatless sandwich is the healthier option we all want

Published on August 27, 2019

Vegans and vegetarians now have more options than ever for breakfast on the go. The Dunkin Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich is a new, meatless addition to the menu. This makes Dunkin’ the first restaurant chain in the U.S. to include a meat substitute. 

What is Beyond Meat?

Beyond Meat is a vegan-friendly meat alternative to the real thing. The meat substitute comes in different forms like beef and burger patties made of plant-based materials. The company aims to focus on this kind of meat is meant to help solve four issues that are dealing with the side effects of animal meat production: 

  • Human Health
  • Climate Change
  • Constraints on natural resources 
  • Animal Welfare

The Beyond Meat website goes into detail about the ways animal meat impacts these four areas. It says there’s a 16 percent increase in a person’s risk for cancer and that 66 billion land animals are killed every year for food, for example. 

The Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich costs $4.29. This is a similar price to other breakfast options Dunkin’ has which makes it easy for customers to justify spending money on the newbie. Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown told Business Insider that he isn’t interested in really reach people eating healthy because he knows they can afford it. Meatless foods are typically priced higher than animal meats which can make it more difficult for average people to afford them. “You see other chains that are upcharging a dollar or something, but this is a chance to meet consumer where we are,” Brown said.

An increase in demand for meatless options

The Dunkin’ Beyond Meat addition to the menu launched in New York in July with plans to bring the sandwich nationwide in the future. But no dates are confirmed just yet. Even though Dunkin is the first U.S. restaurant chain to have this meatless option, it is part of a larger trend in the food industry. 

The demand for plant-based meat has over the years from meat-eaters. A huge portion of people who ordered veggie burgers at fast-food joints earlier this year also ordered a beef burger in the last year. Impossible Burger, another meat substitute company, even had a burger shortage earlier this year. Restaurants like Bareburger have aligned itself with the plant life as well. It has a vegan menu and meat substitute options available. It even uses plant-based eggs in its food. 

How does it taste?

The reviews are in! Plenty of people like the Beyond Meat version of the Dunkin’ breakfast sandwich. Business Insider said that the “meat” was “well seasoned” and went well with the sandwich’s other ingredients. Other publications like 

Business Insider went on to say that other meat substitutes don’t have a meaty texture. They might look nice on the outside, but one bite can give everything away. But this reviewer said the “sausage” in this sandwich “is one of the best imitations I’ve tried.”

Animal meat production’s effect on the environment and physical health

Animal meat production does have a large impact on the environment. Farms have negative impacts on water quality because of the different kinds of chemicals that are dumped into it. Water pollution can be caused by things like pesticides, hormones and feed additives that are all used on farms to maintain and prepare animal meat.    

And, of course, meat consumption can take a toll on human health. The Beyond Meat website did touch on some of the ways animal meat consumption impacts human health. But it doesn’t end there. Excessive meat consumption can lead to other health issues like kidney damage and calcium loss. 

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