Drinks, Pools, and ‘Summer On Repeat’

Published on June 21, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn.– On the first day of summer, recording studio, Silverado Records, released its third-installment in the fan-favorite, Summer On Repeat series. The new soundtrack, Summer On Repeat: Volume 3 brings together six young, talented artists that are making some serious waves in the country music watersTyler Jordan, Ali Morgan, Beyond the Sun, Crystal Yates, Tony Winkler, and Royce Johns.

Grit Daily briefly spoke with Aaron Chesling, President of Silverado Records about its summer series beats. “Our ‘Summer on Repeat’ series has become a project we look forward to each year,” Chesling told us.

It is always fun creating feel-good, summertime music that fans can listen to at the pool, on a beach or right on your front porch.”

Silverado Records has been charting new territory as an independent record label, getting the attention of industry and media alike through their unique approach, as profiled in Billboard. The company prides itself in collaborative relationships with its artists and boasts an impressive roster of talent including Ali Morgan, whom we spoke with back in April, David Adam Byrnes, Tyler Jordan, and country music icon, Joe Diffie. The company is a division of Exegan Media & Entertainment and recently announced their first imprint, Silverado Texas.

Summer on Repeat Vol. 3 Track Listing
1. If You Would’ve Chose Me – Tyler Jordan
2. Too Much – Ali Morgan
3. Sound of the Summer – Beyond the Sun
4. Front Porch Revival – Crystal Yates
5. My Jam – Tony Winkler
6. Back Porch Gettin’ Down – Royce Johns

Click HERE to download Summer on Repeat Volume 3.

Andrew "Drew" Rossow is a former contract editor at Grit Daily.

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