5 Outrageously Dramatic TV Shows to Binge-Watch Today

Published on May 13, 2020

These days, I cannot get enough of over-the-top drama in my television habits. It might be because my real life is so excruciatingly boring at the moment. If you are like me and you are messy and love drama, these insanely dramatic TV shows are the perfect thing to binge-watch to satisfy that need for chaotic energy.

Rich People Drama

Succession is one of the best new dramatic TV shows out there. The show is about the Roy family, a powerful and wealthy family in the media business. They’re the kind of people you just love to hate. The Roys are so wealthy it’s beyond obscene, and they’re objectively terrible people and yet so fabulous at the same time. Their drama is so wild and fun to watch, and the clothes and the houses are something to really marvel at. Also, cousin Greg is there. Trust me, you’ll love cousin Greg. Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on HBO.

Dynasty is another show based upon wildly rich people and their crazy lives. This one, however, has a much more soapier vibe than Succession. Everything about this show is exaggerated and excessive to the point where it doesn’t seem even remotely based in reality. It’s fun and mindless and perfect for when the real world just doesn’t provide a satisfying amount of silly drama. If you feel like watching very well dressed and very beautiful people throw shade at each other, Dynasty is available on Netflix.

Gossip Girl is a classic in the genre of overblown dramatic TV shows. Who doesn’t love the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite? Now is the perfect time to rewatch Blair and Serena and all their crew navigate the perils of the teenage years with A-list wardrobes and seemingly endless cash. There are 6 seasons of Upper East Side chaos to get through, so Gossip Girl will never let you down if you need some full-blown drama in your life. All of Chuck and Blair’s nonsense is available to watch on Netflix.

The 99% Drama

Riverdale is another show surrounding teenagers. This time, though, instead of the lives of the wealthy, Riverdale follows normal teenagers. Well, normal-ish. These teens definitely seem to get involved in murders and crimes a lot more than your average teen. The show is another soapy wild ride that’s just super fun to watch. It’s completely over-the-top, and it will absolutely leave you feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster screaming, “what the hell?!” but you know, in a fun way. If that sounds like your thing, Riverdale is also on Netflix.

Shameless is another one that takes place in a world far from the rich and famous. Set in the South Side of Chicago, Shameless follows the deeply dysfunctional Gallagher family as they struggle to survive in less than ideal circumstances. This show is not at all soapy, it’s much more serious, but it’s filled with the same kind of drama that will leave you thinking “oh my god what are these people doing?!”. The Gallaghers are total chaos, but they’re the loveable kind of chaos that leaves you rooting for them and their shenanigans.

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