How Dr. Sally Smith’s Diagnosis Tore Beata and Maya Kowalski Apart

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 20, 2023

The Kowalski family’s story is a chilling reminder of the sometimes merciless and unyielding nature of our medical and legal systems. Beata and Jack Kowalski, parents of a beautiful girl named Maya, were plunged into a nightmare when their daughter was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), which is characterized by severe and escalating pain in specific regions of the body and grows worse over time.

Maya’s condition was challenging, marked by chronic pain and an array of complex symptoms. Despite this, the Kowalskis held onto their hope, and eventually found a unique treatment method – high doses of ketamine. This approach proved effective, helping Maya manage her pain and providing her some relief.

In October 2016, as Maya’s condition worsened, they admitted her to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Here, Beata’s knowledge of the treatment and her eagerness to get it administered led to misunderstanding and concern among the pediatricians. The use of ketamine, known for its potential negative effects, raised eyebrows.

This misunderstanding led to a devastating turn of events for the Kowalski family. Child abuse pediatrician Dr. Sally Smith, driven by her interpretation of Beata’s desperation to help her child, accused Beata of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. This accusation not only shamed Beata but also led to her being legally prohibited from visiting her daughter.

The court placed Maya under state custody, in the pediatric care of All Children’s Hospital. Over a daunting 92-day period, Maya was supervised by a childcare social worker, Catherine Bedy. Despite concerns about Bedy’s past accusations of child abuse, Maya’s care remained under her supervision.

Simultaneously, Beata was doing her best to keep her emotions in check and abide by the hospital’s rules. Being a nurse herself, she understood the importance of maintaining documentation and kept diligent records of Maya’s treatment. But, Catherine’s constant monitoring of her conversations with Maya only added to Beata’s distress.

In the meantime, an investigation was underway, led by Officer Stephanie Graham of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. During the course of the investigation, Beata’s husband, Jack, made a devastating statement. He chose to comply with the hospital’s demands, believing it was necessary to regain custody of their daughter. This was another blow for Beata, who felt deeply betrayed.

Despite undergoing psychological counseling that showed no signs of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, Beata faced the court’s rigid stance. She was not allowed to visit her daughter, let alone hug her. This cruelty from the legal authorities shattered Beata completely, leading her to take her own life.

The tragic suicide of Beata Kowalski was a shocking twist in the Kowalski family’s story. This devastating event, however, led to the release of Maya from the hospital. The loss of a devoted mother forced the legal system to reassess the unjust circumstances that had torn their family apart.

Dr. Sally Smith’s Role and the Quest for Accountability

In the heart of the Kowalski family’s tumultuous journey was Dr. Smith, the child abuse pediatrician who leveled controversial accusations that led to their nightmare. An investigation by USA Today uncovered numerous cases where accusations spearheaded by Dr. Smith were later dropped or the parents were established as innocent, suggesting a worrisome pattern within Florida’s child welfare system.

Despite this unsettling trend, neither Dr. Smith nor the state’s welfare system appears likely to face criminal repercussions. Even though the Kowalski family lawsuit against Dr. Smith and the hospital culminated in a $2.5 million settlement, this amount cannot erase the emotional suffering endured. The need for accountability and systemic reform is sharply underscored in their story, vividly brought to life in the Netflix documentary “Take Care of Maya.”

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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