Dr . Rod Berger: Storytelling Is The New Language Of Business

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Published on December 15, 2022

Dr. Rod Berger is an acclaimed communication professional and storyteller with experience documenting an array of global companies and brands, each with its unique identity, as well as celebrities and professional athletes. His mission is to find interesting people, pathways, and stories that have a significant social impact throughout the world.

 Berger stresses that storytelling is a cornerstone of our species and that the growth of the “creator economy” has made it necessary for what was once considered a nice-to-have to become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Additionally, storytelling involves capturing the essence of someone or something to convey their individuality. The energy they emit when you sit across from them plays a significant role.

 Traveling to Obtain In-Depth Information

 Berger has interviewed well-known and highly regarded figures worldwide for over a decade. In 2022, he interviewed UFC Hall of Famer Khabib Nurmagomedov and United Nations officials and met the Pope regarding the refugee crisis.

 His work has included providing a voice and telling the story of marginalized groups in Sub-Saharan Africa. “Africa changed me,” says Berger. “I traveled to Senegal thinking that I understood people and context. Instead, I discovered that the essence of the story can come from the smallest glance, the hint of a gesture, and shared experiences without the comfy benefits of one language.”

 Agencies in the global communications space seek out Berger’s advice and counsel on new ways of capturing and sharing narratives that matter. It might be Berger’s innate ability to understand the power of influence on stories yet to be shared. “I realized very early on in my media work that interviewees of note (celebrities, accomplished entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers) would beget more notable guests. It sounds simplistic, and maybe it is, but increased awareness of my work has paved the way for me to share stories of those that should be noted worldwide,” says Berger. It is a journalistic balance he enjoys.

 He uses his storytelling abilities to write articles for various publications, such as Parents Mag, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Looking at Berger’s articles, it is easy to see that he is curious about a vast swath of cultures, industries, and entrepreneurial stories that can educate his growing audience.

 Travel might be the ‘bug’ that has captured Berger’s narrative heart. Unbeknownst to him, 2022 emerged as the year of transatlantic travel. Berger covered the famed Denniz Pop Music Awards in Stockholm, Sweden, traveled to Rome to investigate refugee issues facing the world, and ventured to the Middle East (Jordan) to learn about a family’s commitment to change, racking up airline miles and stories for years to come.

 Refugee Crisis

 Concern Worldwide Us reports that Ukraine has become the second-largest country of origin for refugees worldwide in less than a month. The number of Ukrainians who have left the country has exceeded 5.2 million as of April 25, 2022, with nearly 3 million seeking refuge across the border in Poland. Approximately four million Ukrainians, or almost ten percent of the country’s population, have been displaced internationally due to the conflict, exceeding the UNHCR’s initial estimate. According to all indications, the number of refugees reached more than 30 million in 2022, a new high for the number of refugees worldwide.

 A trip to Rome, Italy, in 2022 was undertaken by Dr. Rod Berger, where he met with various knowledgeable members of the Refugee and Migrant Education Network to discuss issues related to education, immigration, and sustainable change for Ukrainian refugees and others displaced for decades.

 “Zaid, you occupy a unique position in the discussion of refugee challenges. The World Refugee School (WRS) is an effort to combat the challenges of equity and access. What is the objective of WRS that keeps you up at night?” Berger said to Chief Business Development Officer of ITG and executive with the World Refugee School, Zaid Tahabsem.

 “The idea behind the work that we do is we’re trying to solve the education problem for the world’s refugee and forcibly displaced communities,” said Tahabsem.

 Insightful Podcast

 Berger’s podcast, HeadRoom, is another medium that complements his storytelling journey. A deep examination of the minds of those at the heart of society is presented in this podcast. In addition, he is exploring the motivations and reasons behind acclaimed contributors and new souls looking to make their mark on the world.

 As Headroom examines the inspiration that drove those who have come before us, it hopes to inspire those who will follow in the footsteps of our predecessors. As well as serving as an avenue for those at the forefront of this society, this podcast also provides an opportunity for them to share their knowledge with listeners about how they came to be at the frontier and what can be done to achieve the same status.

 When Berger interviews others, he is ultimately concerned that the interviewee feels heard and that the outcome of the interview accurately reflects the essence of who the interview guest is. “My goal, in any interview and especially in podcasting, is to find a path of mutual exploration for myself and my guest. I believe that organic conversations mean more to the audience, and I am not afraid to push the boundaries to discover the ‘why’ of my guest, and I think they respect that,” says Berger.

 What’s Next on the Agenda?

The prominent storyteller plans to embark on many more adventures in the coming year. During Kosovo’s Independence celebration in 2023, Berger eagerly awaits the opportunity to interview the country’s President, according to the Kampala Edge Times.

Additionally, the storyteller believes this is an incredible opportunity to allow the world to see what the country is like, a country rooted in tradition and awash with global awareness. “Story has the ability to open the windows of the world to the residents of communities near and far. My upcoming trip to Kosovo is a prime example – a country that has historically suffered great injustices aiming high for its citizens. That is a story that should be told,” emotes Berger.


By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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