Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry: Scaling Your Brand With Trust

Published on October 31, 2022

There are more ways to build a successful business than one can count. Dr. Joshua Ghiam, Founder of Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry, does so by setting the bar high and adhering to it with every operation he performs. By doing so, he is actively accumulating public trust in his brand through purely genuine interactions and authentic reviews that stem from quality cosmetic dental results. Indeed, there are many avenues to making a brand successful, but to create one that’s sustainable is another matter. For a business plan that’s guaranteed to pay out for the rest of your life, you have to establish a relationship of trust with your clients. This is the case no matter what industry you’re in.

Take a look at Dr. Ghiam, who wouldn’t be where he is today as one of the top cosmetic dentists in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area, if it weren’t for the trust of his patients. As proof, simply look at how far he’s come. Dr. Ghiam started his practice mid-April 2015, all while supporting his wife and kids and paying off a mountain of student loans from his DDS and BS in psychology. Yet despite the fact that he didn’t start with a million-dollar loan or a well-prepared savings, Dr. Ghiam left droves of competition in the dust with one thing and one thing only: Trust (with a capital “T”).

Dr. Ghiam has studied under the most respected clinical minds in the industry, learning the best techniques, staying on top of the latest innovations, and always sourcing the best materials and products. With his vast amounts of knowledge and skill, he has provided seamless results and increased his brand’s reputation without the need for overcharging or initiating expensive marketing campaigns. But how? What’s Dr. Ghiam’s secret sauce?

To him, there is no secret sauce – no shortcuts or get-rich-quick schemes in building a sustainable brand. In fact, it’s little more than just having the patience and dedication to providing a service that makes every person want to keep coming back. When Dr. Ghiam says he provides quality dental care, he delivers that promise without compromise.

Dr. Ghiam’s tenacious strategy has won him America’s Top Dentist Award every year since 2015, so his trust-building strategy is proven to be effective. But how does he build trust in his industry? After all, having skill and credentials doesn’t do much to siphon out as many cosmetic dentists as there are in LA, so what is it that truly sets Dr. Ghiam apart from the rest?

For one, Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry is more than just a dental practice – it’s practically a spa! It’s an environment that Dr. Ghiam himself hand-tailored to put his patients at ease. Not everyone enjoys going to the dentist, no matter how good the service is, so in order to provide one that is truly inclusive of everyone, it’s important to start with an atmosphere that promotes calming and peace of mind – a place people actually enjoy being at.

The client is catered to straight through the door. Then, throughout the entire process, Dr. Ghiam and his staff are there with the patient, addressing any concerns or issues they have and designing a plan that’s specific to each person’s unique facial structure. This enhances the sense of trust by giving the patient a sense of agency while simultaneously guaranteeing that all measurements are flawless, and every factor is accounted for. In the end, this produces stunningly realistic results for everyone who walks through the doors. Patients travel from all over the country, and even all over the world, to come see Dr. Ghiam and his team – his reputation in unparalleled, as Ely G. says on Yelp, “Dr. Ghiam is the best Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills…”

Between patient-centric service and dental work that is as high-quality as it is consistent, Dr. Ghiam has created a brand that is sustainably fueled by the trust and positive feedback of his customers. With similar dedication to their clientele, anyone can achieve the very same level of success in their field.    

Aimee Tariq is a columnist at Grit Daily. She is most passionate about empowering professionals to live their best lives by removing toxic triggers and maximizing energy, focus and productivity. At the age of 23 she became a best-selling author for health optimization.

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