Dr. and DJ Corey Craig is ready to slay the WorldPride “One Dream” party

Published on June 20, 2019

WorldPride 2019 is transforming the world into one big universal dance party with top international DJs serving up relentless beats into all hours of the night. However, among those DJs, you would be hard-pressed, to find many with the title of “Dr.” in their name. Then, add to that, finding one who has earned a Doctorate in Pharmacy while dispensing Oncology and Nuclear Medicine between all the gigs. Dr. Corey Craig is that DJ.

Quite literally, DJ/Dr. Corey Craig is one of the world’s most sought after DJs. He plays major parties and sold-out events from Australia to San Diego and everywhere in between. Next week, Corey will turn it out, spinning for the “One Dream” WorldPride 2019 Opening Party. Produced by dance music juggernaut, Masterbeat, The “One Dream” party will take place at the palatial Marquee in New York City’s hottest new neighborhood, Hudson Yards. The world-renowned nightclub regularly hosts international superstar DJs with state of the art sound and LED light installations. Now, DJs Corey Craig and Billy Lace will join the ranks, delivering an unforgettable journey as the kickoff to a four-day dance party extravaganza.

Masterbeat – Promo Image “One Dream” Party
Out, black and proud – a global superstar DJ on the rise

Corey Craig is impressive for so much more than the stellar career he’s carved out as renowned DJ Talent. For one thing, he is one of the few African American DJs to reach such a level of success, playing House, Disco and Classic Floorfillers at the world’s most prominent parties. That is commendable. There seems to be a bit of racial disparity in the marketing of significant dance party events. Often, there are hardly any people of color at all appearing in circuit party ads, let alone black DJs as headliners. Corey Craig represents the very best of his industry. He is an out, proud, uncompromising African American man, who will gather you together comically and quickly if you assess him as otherwise.

With frank but thoughtful outspokenness on race relations and political matters, Corey combines his sharp sarcasm and in-depth knowledge of the issues. He posts some of the most engaging content on social media. If you follow him on Facebook and Twitter, you already know his posts can both amuse and instigate passionate debate at once. If you don’t follow him on Facebook and Twitter – you should, even if for the endearing personal moments he shares. Recently, he posted about a moving gift he received from his dear pal, Whoopi Goldberg. She sent him a special WorldPride 2019 Tshirt from her new “DUBGEE” clothing line. It was the personal handwritten message, however, that was most impactful. Corey was elated to share that Whoopi’s note was the very first piece of mail to address him as “Dr. Corey Craig,” his newly earned title, after recently completing his Pharm D.

Countdown to the “One Dream” opening party

Corey Craig is an inspiration to many, including myself. He is a man of many talents who you can call many things. Whatever you do though, make sure you don’t call him a “circuit party DJ.” It is not a term he embraces, because it’s far too general. I asked him then, “How should I describe You?” In the signature sharp-tongued, Corey-listic wit he’s become known for, he answered, “I like to be described as “a House / Disco / DJ, making sure the queens have an alternative to pots n’ pans on the dance floor.”

 If you’re a circuit queen, you know exactly what that means.

The countdown to “One Dream” at Marquee begins now. Discover for yourself why Corey Craig one of the hottest DJs on the planet. Check out his new WorldPride 2019 mix set.

There’s a doctor in the house — and he’s prescribing the beats. Get into it!

Corey Andrew is a Columnist at Grit Daily and Instinct Magazine – a leading LGBTQ media source. Andrew’s career as a media personality started on the stages of New York City’s most famous comedy clubs; among them, Catch a Rising Star and Caroline’s on Broadway. He also has over 15 years of experience as a copywriter in advertising and has conducted countless celebrity interviews with some of the biggest names in show business.

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