Doug Milburn, Founder and Chairman of Advanced Glazings: Making Products That Have A Positive Impact On The Environment

By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 7, 2023

Get ready to explore the startup world in this exciting episode of The Grit Daily Startup hosted by the dynamic Sebastian Rusk. The guest of the show, Doug Milburn, shares his amazing journey from Ph.D. research to starting up Advanced Glazings. He talks about a unique type of translucent insulation that allows natural light to pass through while providing thermal insulation that can revolutionize the building industry.

Learn how natural light is critical in building design and the challenges that arise with creating all-glass structures. Doug and Sebastian discuss how systems that need physical manipulation can be improved. Get inspired by Doug’s entrepreneurial spirit and understand how he overcame the challenges of starting up the business. He shares his perspective of business as a team sport, drawing analogies to hockey and rugby.

Discover how Doug’s desire to make the world a better place drives him to solve problems by creating a revolutionary product. You’ll love the exciting and engaging anecdotes that the duo shares, including Doug’s experience cheering college football and hockey games. Tune in to The Gritdaily Startup to discover your passion for entrepreneurship and explore the world of startups. Don’t forget to visit and get more exciting content.


[00:00:08] Entrepreneurship and Advanced Glasings Company Origins

[00:03:26] The Importance of Natural and Artificial Lighting Balance in Building Design

[00:07:05] Start-up Challenges and Team Dynamics

[00:10:15] Fun at Sports Games and Making a Difference

Best Quotes

[00:01:29] I just had too much entrepreneurship in my blood, and I said, I gotta I gotta go chase this

[00:03:50] And when you get that right, the building is awesome to be in. Create a dark box. It’s miserable. You’re living in a cave. Nobody likes it

[00:07:12] You gotta get your product. Right? And you have to wind up all the human beings in it

[00:11:04] Try to make the world a little better place as you pass through it. We’re doing that with natural light, better buildings for human beings

By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Jennifer Johnson is an Operations Specialist and Booking Producer at Grit Daily.

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