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DOCTOR IMPOSTER Releases ‘Talk of the Town’ featuring Cool Yan

Brooklyn indie hip-hop producer DOCTOR IMPOSTER, aka Brooke Vettese, releases “Talk of the Town,” a track from her forthcoming self-titled debut album, slated to drop soon.

“Talk of the Town” is a massive song about the triumph of a colossally successful song. According to Brooke, “I was looking to write a song that I would love to have come on at a party, and to have the song itself feel like a party from beginning to end. The chorus is a nod to me, hopefully, making a splash into the music industry with my first single.”

Celebrated for her production skills, her stylish beats, her talent as a mixing engineer, and gift as a multi-instrumentalist, she commands attention as she advances into the spotlight with her galvanizing blend of hip-hop, R&B, and electro-pop. The impeding concept album utilizes metaphors and sound trappings from video games to probe the present trajectory and dilemma of female musicians and producers in the music industry, the virtually exclusive domain of males.

Brooke explains, “When I came up with the concept of DOCTOR IMPOSTER I had come to a point in my life where I knew I should feel more confidence as a music professional. I was fed up with noticing I was being treated differently in every aspect of the industry, and day-to-day work. The album arc here is this seemingly fearless woman who is trying to play the ‘game’ of the music industry as it is laid out for women.”

The oxymoron in the name DOCTOR IMPOSTER addresses the unsettling energy many feel because of their gender, sexual identification, racial, and cultural characteristics, resulting in marginalization and being pushed aside despite their obvious talent. Regardless of their qualifications and experience, those shoved out of the way begin to feel like “imposters.”

A full-time musician, who produces out of her studio, which she built herself, over the last seven years Brooke has produced a vast array of groups, while simultaneously playing live shows with the future-R&B group Cool Company, indie-folk band The Good Folks, and prog-rock outfit Pinkie Promise. On her upcoming album, Brooke handled all aspects, from writing, recording, producing, and mixing. And she played all the instruments on the album, apart for specific guitar segments and horns.

“Talk of the Town” opens on bubbling vocals riding snapping percussion flowing into a funk-lite groove composed of a fat popping bassline supporting bright washes of stuttering coloration, while a braying organ infuses the tune with vibrant hues and oscillating, swirling synths inject the harmonics with sparkling sputtering and popping textures.

Cool Yan’s voice, a tight heady tenor, imbues the lyrics with yummy engaging tones, at once charismatic and full of brio. It’s one of those voices rife with blistering appeal, potent and enticing, especially when he kicks into his rapping-lite flow. A creamy female background harmony imbues the song with luminous dimension, providing a contrast to Cool Yan’s swaggering timbres.

“Cause when it come to this funk motion / Mama got moves like Moses / Make waves, make way.”

There’s a tasty breakdown mirroring the song’s intro, made up of Cool Yan’s glossy tones topping a biting beat. “Last night she strolled up to the dance floor / Then she put it down / And now she’s the talk / Now she’s the talk / Now she’s the talk of the town.”

“Talk of the Town” should make DOCTOR IMPOSTER the talk of the town, with its grand production, hefty funk rhythm, and buff vocals. This is how it’s done: electrifying cadence, swashbuckling momentum, and feel-good vibrations.

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