The Force Is Strong With This Hip-Hop Turntablist In His Upcoming Fourth Album Release

Published on March 14, 2019

Duncan Beiny, better known as DJ Yoda, needs no introduction for the hip-hop, jazz, and soul crowd. The UK-born DJ, known for his animated musical style, combining 90’s hip-hop electronic, and trip-hop music, recently announced his latest spin, Roxbury, which is the lead single from his upcoming album release of Home Cooking, which is to be released on March 29.

Behind the Turntable With DJ Yoda
Photo Credit: Trisha Rankin

Different in tune but similar style, Roxbury is a sublime mix of rap, jazz, and soul and the lead single on Beiny’s fourth album.

 Home Cooking represents a new direction of sound for the DJ, recorded between Beiny’s studio and the acclaimed Abbey Road. It’s influenced by Guru’s Jazzmatazz’ and showcases some of the most exciting talents within their genres.

I spoke with DJ Yoda on how he utilizes his turn-table force powers to bring soul and energy to his fans.

Andrew Rossow: How did you get into music?

DJ Yoda: I’ve been DJing for over 25 years. However, before all that, my parents both were in the music industry, so I was surrounded by it and immersed in it since I was a kid.

AR: Did you have a favorite genre of music growing up?

DJY: Growing up, I fell in love with hip-hop influenced pop of the late ‘80’s.

AR: What can you tell us about Home Cooking?

DJY: My fourth album, Home Cooking, I believe to be my most “musical” effort yet. It’s as much soul and jazz as it is hip-hop. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some of the leading UK jazz artists of the time, including, but not limited to Nubya Garcia, Henry Wu, and Theon Cross. I’ve also had the opportunities to work with some bona fide legends like Omar and The Jungle Brothers.

AR: What is something most fans may not know about you?

DJY: I collect limited edition breakfast cereal boxes!

This year, DJ Yoda is bringing Home Cooking to the stage, welcoming some of his special guest contributors to join him on the tour.

Andrew "Drew" Rossow is a former contract editor at Grit Daily.

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