Disrupt the Bay Taps Gary Cardone in Its Fight Against Kids’ Cancers

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Published on September 30, 2021

Disrupt the Bay is hosting its 3rd annual conference in Tampa Bay November 4th 2021, from 9am-4pm on the Vsummits platform. The Conference boasts an incredible lineup of speakers from the top healthcare systems in the country, as well as prominent business disruptors that will deliver keynote addresses.  The program will also include local chief executives from the healthcare industry, and multiple healthcare technology startups from all over the United States. 

The brainchild of Stan Liberatore, Board Chairman of Disrupt the Bay, the conference was created to synthesize a family’s hope for proper child cancer research and innovation with the means for professionals to become entrepreneurs. “It’s a place where those seeking action in child cancer research and awareness can gain motivation and resources. It’s also a fantastic conference for people in this industry to find a mentor or business partner. This is a niche for healthcare and biotech,” said Liberatore.

After several of his friends lost their children to cancer, Liberatore wanted to create a solution—a platform to fund child cancer research. With a background steeped in the healthcare industry, Liberatore saw the value of merging the innovation of startups with the influence and reputation of larger healthcare organizations. “I wanted to create synergy—to disrupt healthcare,” he said. Knowing that the pediatric cancer treatments were outdated, a large conference with like-minded, passionate individuals intent on change, could disrupt the status quo and move the needle on research and development funding. 

Liberatore partnered with Mike DeLucia to create the conference.  Both men had worked extensively in the healthcare and tech industry and have personal ties to individuals at the board level. “We complement each other,” said Liberatore. “Mike and I knew some of the same people, and when I learned that Mike had lost his brother to cancer, that we had this personal connection, I knew that we would create something unique.”

Although this is a current time of tumult with a pandemic underfoot, it has accelerated the need to create medicine. People who need medical care are finally in a position to receive that care through telehealth. “We wanted just one conference a year. I get a lot out of helping this cause. I have three amazing boys and I’d sure want them to have a better solution than what there is now,” said Liberatore.

He continued: “There have only been four medications over the last 25 years geared toward pediatric cancer. I do know that this is broken and needs to be fixed. Anything for the kids! And I can tell you, it’s a great feeling to hand over a boatload of money to a good cause. We are creating a synergy toward hospitals and a fundraising mechanism to fund this cause.” 

Gary Cardone will host the VIP party at his estate in Tierra Verde.

The conference will be hybrid this year, with a virtual production, augmented expo hall/career fair, and an onsite VIP party to follow in the evening.  Gary Cardone, a fintech entrepreneur and friend of Stan Liberatore, will be hosting the VIP party at his $10 million estate in Tierra Verde. Liberatore also sees the virtual platform as an opportunity to lower expenses so that the organization can focus on the fundraising. “It’s creating some new ideas on how we will network and still connect. We will be networking in a disruptive way.”

The Vsummits platform is robust, sophisticated, and interactive. It’s a platform created specifically for events. The dashboard will have different floors and an exposition room. The interface allows for people to meet one on one, and hold a panel discussion where multiple people can meet up at one time. Liberatore mentioned that the conference this year will also feature a mental health track. “Suicide rates are going up. Depression during quarantine is a problem and they are going to deep dive into that. We will hopefully create some solutions to some ongoing problems with some of the best minds at the forefront.” 

Tickets are available at Disrupt the Bay.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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