Disney+ Coming Soon to Tesla Theater

Published on December 27, 2019

Elon Musk spent some time this week answering questions on Twitter. One user asked if Tesla could add Disney+ to the Tesla theater in a future update, to which Musk responded “coming soon”.

Of course, the internet lit up in excitement, hearing that their cars are about to be turned into epic mobile movie machines!

What is Tesla Theater?

Tesla Theater mode is part of the V10 software update rolled out in September, which allows Tesla owners to watch Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube from the “comfort of their car.”

Just before Christmas, another update added Twitch and video game Stardew Valley to the theater. Crazily enough, Tesla vehicle owners in the U.S. who are subscribed to the company’s Early Access Program get the first look into the new V10 update.

Tesla theater also includes a shortened version of the video game Cuphead.

Source: Twitter | @elonmusk

These features are only available if the car is parked. This might make the theater seem unnecessary, but many Tesla owners love it. Theater mode is great for use when the car is recharging, or if you’re just stuck in the parking lot waiting for your kid’s basketball practice to end.

With the addition of Disney+, Tesla owners will now be able to watch all the old Disney classics, as well as popular new shows like The Mandalorian.

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