Dig South: The American South’s answer to SXSW (and every other tech summit)

Published on March 19, 2019

When you think of tech summits, you might envision a large convention center teeming with eager CEOs of startups ready to recite their elevator pitches to investors at the drop of a hat.

Maybe Silicon Valley comes to mind, or SXSW in Texas? Tech summits function as catalysts connecting venture capitalists to some of the most of cutting-edge tech companies on the market.

Stanfield Gray, Founder of Dig South, realized their was an “imbalance in the flow of talent leaving the South and taking their startups to other parts of the US and abroad.” After attending AdAdge’s Digital Conference in New York in 2011, Gray sought to resolve that pain point and soon Dig South was born.

Dig South—A New Tech Summit in the American South

Dig South Tech Summit is the Charleston, South Carolina’s essential tech, business and marketing experience. The Charleston-based tech summit curates 150 executive-level speakers from leading global brands, fast-growth startups and the media plus top investors. Dig South tech summit 2019 will welcome thousands of attendees to Charleston area, which markets itself as the world’s top destination and a culinary mecca. (We’ve had the food so that’s a “yes.”)

Dig South connects some of the American South’s emerging brands and startups to global brands like Buzzfeed, Cocoa Cola, Facebook, Forbes, and Instagram.

Inclusivity Leads to Innovation
Image Source: Jin S. Lee/Business Insider

Gray’s intention for positioning Dig South as the premier tech summit in Charleston is his belief that “the best way to promote innovation across the region is to invite global brands and experts to connect, collaborate and do business with leading brands and startups based in the South.”

His strategy has paid off, to date, more than 10,000 attendees have experienced Dig South since its inception in 2011. Dig South’s innovative panels are designed to connect startups with investors and build a bridge to global brands. “It’s a global economy and we engage in the global conversation on innovation,” said Gray.

DigSouth is a summit dedicated specifically to elevating the American South’s digital economy and building opportunities for the next generation of exceptional talent.

Dig South expects thousands to attend the tech summit next month, proving that startups can not only establish a prescience, here in the South, but thrive.

So when’s the next Dig South? Join Grit Daily executive editor Jordan French at this one — which will be held on April 24 – 26th in Charleston.

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