Digital Trends Dives into Live Video with LinkedIn Partnership

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on May 30, 2019

For the tech-attuned, there’s no better independent source of updates than Digital Trends.

That much is indisputable. But lately an increasingly popular source within Digital Trends is their live channel. Digital Trends Live is where host Greg Nibler briefs audiences every weekday morning on the most important happenings in the tech world. Headlines curated by the world’s number one freestanding tech publisher are presented with the conversational transparency that has given them their name.

And in a move to expand their increasingly popular live channel, Digital Trends has just announced the launch of a new Tuesday show, Jargon. Launched in partnership with LinkedIn and hosted by comedian and linguist Myq Kaplan, Jargon will explore the weird insider lingo of different industries.

Live programming channel started with some surprises.

Digital Trends Live debuted late last year and kicked off 2019 with three days of live streamed content from the floors of the CES tech expo in Las Vegas, covering their picks for the best and brightest debuts in consumer gadgetry. The Digital Trends Live crew were most impressed not by camera drones, AI cars or the latest smartest phones. Their top technology pick was… a hamburger.

Citing animal agriculture as the number one environmental destroyer worldwide, they recognized the Impossible Burger 2.0 as the best new technology of CES. By almost completely closing the flavor gap between real and fake meat, it paves the way for more sustainable food choices, and makes use of cutting edge lab technology in a productive, surprising way. Burger King has recently picked up the burger for a meatless Whopper option on their menus.

Considering all the cool gadgets at CES, it was an unexpected choice, but this kind of straightforward insight is why we keep coming back to Digital Trends Live. And now, just over six months in, they’ve expanded their program.

Flipboard’s Tech Editor Ken Yeung lends his perspective to weekly news roundups.

Flipboard recently came on as a partner, with technology editor Ken Yeung adding his perspective to the weekly roundup of tech news highlights. It’s a perfect fit, because the point of Flipboard is to organize your massive data stream into the most important bits, and this harmonizes perfectly with Digital Trends Live’s helpful digest of the world’s current tech events. The Friday morning ‘Tech Brief With Digital Trends + Flipboard’ is a match made in heaven.

Under the expanded format, Digital Trends Live is running longer, into the 10am hour (Pacific time, since they’re in Portland), with more time to feature more guests. Past  Upcoming appearances will include some high profile names like today’s appearance of Adam Savage.

Digital Trends is accepting awards, but you’ll have to get in line to give them one.

The expansion follows some noteworthy recognition. Digital Trends recently landed two nominations and a win at the Digiday Content Marketing Awards. They took home the award for Best Agency/Client Collaboration in honor of their work with animation and design studio HouseSpecial. Together, Digital Trends and HouseSpecial produced a holiday gift guide that had readers fawning over the illustrations of imaginative miniature worlds built around holiday tech gifts for the grandparents, foodies, and audiophiles in your life.

More recently, Digital Trends scored three wins at the 25th annual Communicator Awards. The international awards recognized their Tech For Change page, and an article lampooning Elon Musk’s useless shoulder-mounted flamethrower, as well as honoring the Digital Trends site overall with an Award of Distinction for Consumer Goods Websites.

They’ve got the ear of the king. Or at least the king of consumers.

By any metric, Digital Trends and their Live program have hit a stride. But the real magic is the appeal they carry with high earning (HENRY) millennials, giving them a highly prized slice of attention share in a sought after demographic. This has value beyond just immediate revenues, as more traditional media players are moving to buy up millennial-centered outlets. Cheddar, the digital-native program featuring business news and top headlines, also geared towards millennials, was recently acquired by Altice USA for $200 million.

If it sounds like I’m a fan, I confess. You got me. But Digital Trends and their Live channel are less about likeability than they are about usefulness. The daily briefs are as concise and informative as their product reviews, which have helped me with making intelligent purchasing decisions on a number of occasions. It doesn’t hurt that their approachable presentation does make Nibler and company very likeable as well. Tab over to at 9am, Monday through Friday, to see what’s happening now in tech.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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