The Best Detangling Hair Brushes of 2023

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on October 17, 2021

Detangling brushes are great products for people who deal with tangles and knots, which can be tricky to deal with under normal circumstances. In fact, detangling brushes are designed to get rid of those pesky problems while minimizing damage, even reducing breakage. If you deal with these problems and want a solution, read on.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Detangling Hair Brush:

Criteria for Choosing the Best Detangling Hair Brush

A detangling hairbrush is a specific style of brush, so there are certain factors that determine how well it will work, if at all. There are also things that are important for all brushes. That is why these things were considered when choosing the detangling hair brushes for this list:

  • Bristles: The bristles make the brush, and that is particularly true for detangling hair brushes. A detangling brush has space between the bristles, and usually, those bristles are flexible. It is common to see nylon and plastic, which are firm enough to retain their shape but flexible enough to deal with tangles and knots.
  • Design: One aspect of design has already been mentioned, which is the space between the bristles. The design of the head and handle are equally important, especially if you want something ergonomic and comfortable to use.
  • Material: The material of the brushes also received significant attention. The bristles are one aspect, but the brush itself, from the handle to the head, is just as important. The material determines how well it works, how durable it is, and whether it will be easy or comfortable to use.

When it comes to detangling hair brushes, they tend to only be as good as their weakest component. It can take some time to properly brush your hair, so comfort is a must. And if the bristles and design do not make dealing with tangles and knots easy, then there is no point in using the brush. Every part is important.

The 8 Best Detangling Hair Brushes

Many brushes on the market aim to help people with knots and tangles. Even when looking for a detangling brush, there are numerous options, from those solely meant to rid you of stubborn problems to those that combine detangling with general brushing to promote hair health. You will see examples of each below.

Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush

Wet Brush is a great brand to start things off. They have been detangling hair for a long time, and their brushes do it well, featuring intelliflex bristles that gently separate the hair. The bristles do that by being flexible, allowing them to remove knots without pulling and ripping. You get to brush with less force and avoid doing any damage.

The brush is suitable for all types of hair as well, from straight to curly, even managing thick hair with ease. Moreover, it does all of that with an ergonomic design that makes it as comfortable to use as it is easy. Wet Brush is also quite durable, and it works on both wet and dry hair. If that is not enough, it even comes in a wide variety of colors.

  • The intelliflex bristles bend and flex to easily deal with knotted hair
  • It works without requiring a great deal of force
  • It works quite well with all types of hair
  • The design is ergonomic and comfortable
  • It comes in a variety of colors

  • The durability has gone down over the years
  • The gentleness of the brush makes extremely thick, curly hair a problem

Conair Professional Hair Brush Set

Conair is a brand that provides a high-quality brush that gets results for a reasonable price. Moreover, the set featured here includes both a full-size and travel-size brush, so you can make sure your hair is in its best shape, no matter where you are. Both of the brushes also feature the ball-tipped bristles needed to deal with tangled hair.

The bristles on this brush are flexible, so they glide through hair and remove knots with ease. It is also soft, though it does remain stiff enough to deal with even the most troublesome hair. The handle has a nice grip as well, ensuring that you can get the angle and strength you need to get the job done.

  • The set has a full-size and travel-size brush
  • The ball-tipped bristles are flexible and soft
  • There is enough firmness to deal with thick hair
  • The handle is comfortable

  • The tips on the bristles eventually come off
  • The stiffness of the bristles is a bit much for sensitive scalps

Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Boar bristle hair brushes promote healthy hair and do a fantastic job, making this brush from Beauty by Earth one to look at. In fact, not only does it have boar bristles, but there are nylon pins that get rid of tangles with ease. The combination of short bristles and nylon pins even helps stimulate the scalp and move essential oils around for happy hair.

This hair brush is designed to work with every type of hair, taking care of even the toughest knots. The balance between rigid and flexible does the job while remaining comfortable. The brush is made from sustainable bamboo as well, designed to be comfortable and visually appealing. You cannot go wrong with this brush.

  • The brush is made out of sustainable, high-quality bamboo
  • The combination of short boar bristles and nylon pins promotes healthy hair
  • The brush utilizes the perfect combination of rigid and flexible to tackle tangles
  • It is a more durable brush than many of the other options out there

  • It can be difficult to clean

TANGLE TEEZER The Original Detangling Hairbrush

Whether it is the ultimate detangling brush or not is yet to be seen, but it is definitely a good choice if you want to get rid of some stubborn knots. This brush works for both wet and dry hair, and the design means you can just hold it in your palm and get to work whenever you need to get rid of knots or tangles.

This detangling brush also features two types of teeth, both short and long, to smooth hair cuticles while detangling. The goal is to get your hair where you want it effortlessly and without causing any damage. Additionally, while the brush featured here is meant for regular hair, TANGLE TEEZER sells similar brushes for every hair type.

  • The brush works for both wet and dry hair
  • The design allows you to easily hold it in the palm of your hand
  • The brush features a two-tiered system of teeth
  • It makes removing tangles and knots effortless
  • There is a brush for every hair type

  • Some people find it to be scratchy on the scalp
  • It can be less comfortable for left-handed individuals

Osensia Detangling Flexi Brush – No Tangle Hair Brush

Another great choice for removing tangles from your hair is Osensia, with their detangling flexi brush designed to deal with the toughest problems. There are a few things that make this brush stand out from the crowd, starting with the nylon bristles that help hydrate, nourish, and protect your hair.

However, what is really special about Osensia’s brush is the flexible head, with the entire thing being capable of bending. No matter what type of hair or problem you are dealing with, this brush can adapt. You can even choose between a brush with only nylon or one that utilizes both nylon and boar bristles for even more benefits.

  • The unique nylon bristles hydrate, nourish, and protect your hair
  • The head of the brush is flexible, allowing it to easily fit your needs
  • It is available with only nylon bristles or with nylon and boar bristles
  • The anti-slip rubber handle makes it easy to use the brush

  • There have been some complaints about the durability of the brush

FridaBaby Thick or Curly Hair Detangling Kids Brush

There are times when a gentle touch is called for, especially when you are dealing with children, and that is where FridaBaby steps in. Their detangling brush is meant for kids, with the design taking care of tangles without risking any scalp pain. There is no pulling, and there is no pain. It can even be used on wet or dry hair to the same effect.

The brush also comes in two versions, one meant for thick or curly hair, another for fine and straight hair. Both feature the same flexible bristles and integrated comb. Additionally, you can be sure that it will not be damaged since it comes with a slide-in case. Then there is the handle, which is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic.

  • The brush is designed to be used on kids
  • It does not pull hair or cause scalp pain
  • The brush comes in two versions for different hair types
  • There are flexible bristles and an integrated comb
  • It comes with a slide-in case to protect the bristles

  • Some people find that the bristles are still too hard for sensitive scalps
  • The integrated comb portion is prone to breaking

Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush

Crave Naturals has a detangling brush that you are bound to love, and you will not be alone. The reviews are out, and people are going crazy over this one, and it is for a good reason. The big reason is the bristles, which are firm enough not to lose their shape but flexible and gentle enough to do the job without causing any discomfort.

This brush works on both wet and dry hair, so you can use it whenever and however you want. Moreover, it is suitable for both children and adults, mostly due to the bristles mentioned above. It works on all hair types as well. So if you want a reliable brush that can take care of knots and tangles in a flash, look no further.

  • The bristles strike a delightful balance between flexible and firm
  • It works on both wet and dry hair
  • The brush is effective on all types of hair
  • Both children and adults can use this brush

  • Many people find the handle to be a bit of a miss

HIPPIH Wet & Dry Hair Brushes

The first thing to take note of is that the brushes featured here are a set, so you are getting two. You can keep one as a backup brush, keep it for traveling, or give it to someone else. Regardless of what you do with it, you will quickly realize it was worth the purchase, even if you are getting an extra.

The HIPPIH brush features boar and nylon bristles, nourishing and giving you healthy hair while removing knots and tangles. It does it all, and it does it well. In fact, the brush has many features you will appreciate, from the hollow design for quick drying to the ergonomic shape and handle. It is even easy to clean.

  • The brush features both boar and nylon bristles
  • The handle is ergonomic and has a textured non-slip grip
  • It features a hollow design that makes for fast drying
  • The design makes it easy to clean

  • There have been reports of the boar bristles falling out

How to Shop for a Detangling Hair Brush

There is a lot of personal preference involved when it comes to finding the perfect detangling brush. However, there are some things you can keep in mind to make the search easier, such as:

  • Hair Type: While some brushes are made to work with all hair types, that mainly means that they do not lean one way or the other. There are also brushes out there that suit a particular type of hair. Know your hair type going in and pick a brush accordingly.
  • Wet or Dry: Another thing you should consider is where you plan on using the brush. Some detangling brushes are meant to be used dry, while others can be used wet. Think about your routine and make sure you get something that fits it.
  • Handle: The handle is one of the most important features of any brush. You want to make sure it is comfortable to hold, which goes for even those brushes without traditional handles or handles at all.

These are not the only things you should think about. You might also want to consider size and shape. Moreover, the material used and whether you want a combination brush or one solely meant for detangling can also be considered. In the end, it is important to find something that is effective, comfortable, and worth the purchase.

In Conclusion 

A detangling brush can save you from a good deal of pain, literally. It can also protect your hair while helping you deal with knots and tangles. Moreover, with so many options out there, you will easily be able to find one that you love. Just make sure you consider your hair type and buy something suitable for you.

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By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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