How Dennisha Denney Beat the Odds to Become a Top Real Estate Agent in Texas

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 5, 2024

2020 presented all of us with unprecedented challenges. Many of its implications led to long-lasting changes to industries we’d become accustomed to. But what if it was a microcosm of the adversity we face throughout our careers?

Dennisha Denney has a reputation in Greenville, TX. As a Broker Associate and Team Leader at 3D Real Estate Team, part of RE/MAX Four Corners, she tackles quandaries daily in pursuit of the best outcome for her clients. Yet, despite launching her brokerage during the Great Recession, coming out the other side with merit has become her hallmark.

Following unprecedented uncertainty, both in her career and globally, Dennisha Denney started contending for the title of ‘best real estate agent in Texas.’ It’s a characteristic of the Broker Associate, as she frequently performs remarkable feats for her clients, successes she invariably credits to God.

“People have described me as ‘extra,’ ‘visionary,’ ‘resilient,’ and an ‘innovator,’” she remarks. “I have navigated diverse market conditions, including six presidential elections, the Great Recession, the 2020 real estate boom, and today’s evolving real market landscape. I’ve honed an unwavering calm and a strategic mindset, allowing me to adeptly adjust strategies while maintaining a steady course because real estate is a constantly moving sector.”

As demand for a masterful real estate agent in Texas grows, Dennisha recalls the pivotal moments that shaped her inimitable approach. We tell the story of the 3D Real Estate Team Leader who gets it done, regardless of the circumstances:

Debuting during a downturn

It’s difficult enough to start a business in ordinary times, let alone the most significant financial collapse in a generation. The late 2000s brought plenty of upheaval for homebuyers and homeowners alike. But more than ever, buyers, sellers, and investors needed a real estate agent in Texas who provided reassurance in a transition.

“During challenging times, like the Great Recession, I learned the importance of self-reliance and innovation,” Dennisha Denney says. “This ethos has become a cornerstone of my practice, ensuring that I am not just responsive to changes but also proactive in creating opportunities for my clients.”

Seizing success in unfavorable conditions and contributing to communities have remained a mainstay of the 3D Real Estate Team Leader’s career. Her altruistic endeavors are manifold, having chaired Greenville planning boards and engaged with local organizations like the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce. But her family and belief that people can always attain their aspirations keep her work life running from strength to strength.

Adapting to adversity

If any real estate agent in Texas thought the Great Recession was the last crisis of their generation, they were unfortunately mistaken. 2020 brought a wealth of new realities that everyone had to adjust to, especially if planning to buy or sell property. Once again, Dennisha Denney was tasked with moving mountains to stay at the pinnacle of her profession.

“I successfully grew the agency to a peak of 27 agents in 2020,” she states. “However, the rise of virtual brokerages signaled a shift in the industry landscape, prompting me to recalibrate my professional direction.”

“During this period of uncertainty, I took proactive steps to adapt,” she continues. “I invested in a company to create 3D Matterport Tours for every listing. This rapid response ensured that, within a week, every property we listed was accessible for virtual marketing and sale.”

But more developments were to come before the 3D Real Estate Team Leader received recognition as a top real estate agent in Texas. Everything had changed, both in the industry and in her career.

Returning to her roots

Cue 2023. Dennisha shifted from Broker/Owner to on-the-ground 3D Real Estate Team Leader as her brokerage joined RE/MAX Four Corners. While a noticeable difference from her almost decade-long role—she now revels as a point-of-call for clients—the move brought seismic momentum to her career.

“Returning to the field was a substantial change, yet it rekindled the passion that drew me to real estate at 19, back in 1998,” Dennisha smiles. “This year has been a testament to that renewed vigor.”

The first six months brought recognition as a top 500 real estate agent in Texas, in the top 250 for production. The remainder of the year saw the Broker Associate rewarded for her loyalty and adaptability as she entered the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and reached the company’s Platinum level.

While Dennisha Denney’s career is fascinating, it’s the story told by her clients that reveals the most salient truth. Embracing change, maintaining professionalism, and innovating means nothing if no one experiences the benefit.

But 3D Real Estate’s clients prosper thanks to the tenacity of its Team Leader, though she would sooner credit her family and God every step of the way.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Spencer Hulse is the Editorial Director at Grit Daily. He is responsible for overseeing other editors and writers, day-to-day operations, and covering breaking news.

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