DeleteMe Empowers Individuals and Businesses with Robust Online Privacy Solutions

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 13, 2023

In a digital world where data is king, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Startups, in particular, are at risk from cyberattacks, as they often lack the resources and expertise of larger companies. That is where services like DeleteMe step in.

DeleteMe helps individuals and businesses protect their online privacy by actively removing personal information from data brokers and other websites. The service goes beyond conventional security measures, addressing the root cause of privacy violations: the exposure of sensitive personal data.

For entrepreneurs and businesses, DeleteMe is an ideal solution. In a sector where innovation and speed are often accompanied by increased data exposure, DeleteMe provides a way to balance the scales. It empowers users to take control of their online footprint, safeguarding both personal information and the integrity of business ventures.

The Basic Procedure

Driven by a mission to empower individuals and organizations to control their digital identities, DeleteMe offers a suite of services focused on removing personal data from a myriad of online sources. Moreover, it takes a comprehensive approach targeting a wide range of personal data types that include:

  • Basic identifiers (name, age, location)
  • Contact information (email addresses, past addresses, phone numbers)
  • Social and professional details (social media profiles, occupation, marital status)
  • Financial and residential information (property value)
  • Extended personal data (information about relatives and photos)

The broad spectrum approach ensures that all aspects of a user’s digital identity are addressed, minimizing the risk of unwanted exposure and misuse. The removal is accomplished through a four-step process, starting with the submission of personal information and ending with quarterly checks.

  1. Submission of Personal Information
  2. Expert-Led Searches
  3. Initiation of Removal Process
  4. Continuous Protection

On average, the platform removes 450 individual pieces of personal data per client from hundreds of data brokers and other sites. For both individuals and companies, this statistic underscores the importance of protecting their digital privacy. It is even more vital when you take into account that the number usually rises for C-suite executives.

DeleteMe’s Business Services

One of the most significant threats to a business is the exposure of employee personal identifiable information (PII) on the web. This information can be used by cybercriminals to launch a variety of attacks, from phishing scams and social engineering attacks to identity theft.

To combat these risks, DeleteMe offers a specialized service for businesses. With a proven track record of serving Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools for protecting the PII of employees at all levels, from public-facing staff to executives and board members.

Streamlined Onboarding and Management

With its business service, DeleteMe utilizes various features to ensure easy integration into existing environments. Bulk uploads and SSO solutions streamline the onboarding process, while role-based management and centralized billing simplify management.

For high-risk individuals, businesses can assign delegates to manage their accounts, ensuring privacy reports are directed appropriately and confidentiality is maintained.

Comprehensive Protection and Measurable Outcomes

The service targets a wide range of PII, including basic identifiers, contact information, social and professional details, financial and residential information, and extended personal data. This comprehensive approach helps to minimize the risk of unwanted exposure and misuse.

The Privacy Center dashboard provides businesses with a real-time view of their data removal efforts, displaying metrics for both individual members and the company as a whole. This data can be used to track the effectiveness of the service and identify any areas that need improvement.

Encouraging Adoption

Understanding the importance of widespread adoption for overall effectiveness, DeleteMe provides internal communication resources like sample announcements, email templates, and reminders.

The resources are meant to help businesses promote the service to their employees, empowering them to close the cybersecurity gap created by exposed PII. When used properly, it not only safeguards individual privacy but also enhances the overall security posture of the organization.

Advantages for Companies Using DeleteMe

For companies, the knowledge that employee information is no longer vulnerable is worth celebrating. However, the benefits do not end there. By engaging a service like DeleteMe, it demonstrates a commitment to employee and customer privacy that can provide a competitive advantage. It can help:

  • Attract and Retain Top Talent: Employees are increasingly concerned about their digital privacy. Companies can show potential and current employees that they are serious about protecting their personal information.
  • Avoid Costly Fines: Many industries have regulations that require businesses to protect customer data. DeleteMe can help companies to comply with these regulations and avoid costly fines.

DeleteMe is a valuable tool that can help startups protect their digital privacy and build trust with their customers and employees.

Additional Tips for Companies on Protecting Digital Privacy

While services like DeleteMe can help ensure employee and customer privacy, there is a limit. It is better to take a holistic approach that incorporates such a service along with other measures to ensure privacy. Some steps to take include:

  • Educating employees on cybersecurity best practices.
  • Implementing strong password policies and multi-factor authentication.
  • Using a reputable security solution to protect devices and networks.
  • Being mindful of the information shared online.
  • Regularly reviewing privacy settings on social media and other websites.

By taking these steps, companies can minimize their risk of cyberattacks and protect their digital privacy.

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By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Greg Grzesiak is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Columnist at Grit Daily. As CEO of Grzesiak Growth LLC, Greg dedicates his time to helping CEOs influencers and entrepreneurs make the appearances that will grow their following in their reach globally. Over the years he has built strong partnerships with high profile educators and influencers in Youtube and traditional finance space. Greg is a University of Florida graduate with years of experience in marketing and journalism.

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