Stock up on your go-to products before it’s too late.

A shocking video posted on the Deciem Instagram account Monday night revealed that the company will be closing immediately, citing “major criminal activity.” The company’s founder, Brandon Truaxe, has long been associated with some wild behavior online. This announcement is the latest in a string of peculiar online behavior. Fans have long speculated that the company was in dire straits. The founder has been making erratic moves on the company’s social media accounts for some time. Deciem is the umbrella company of affordable skincare and beauty brands such as The Ordinary. The Ordinary has gained a cult-following in the western world as a go-to for cheap, effective skincare.

Deciem Unhinged

Truaxe took to social media on Monday to make the announcement that the company would be closing its doors immediately. “…almost everyone at Deciem has been involved in a major criminal activity, which includes financial crimes and much others,” Truaxe says from the backseat of a car after introducing the camera to his supposed co-workers. The video is pretty nonsensical. In addition to the fact that it’s geotagged from The White House despite being filmed inside a moving vehicle. “You have no idea what a soldier I have been over 13 years. I have been made fun of as a porn actor and as a fucking drug dealer and everything for 13 years. It’s all ending now,” Truaxe says before the video ends abruptly.

The caption for the video is even more out there. Truaxe frantically lists all of the people that are allegedly involved in said “major criminal activity.” Or at least we think that’s what he means to do, it doesn’t specifically say what the list means. Nevertheless, companies and names such as Estee Lauder, H&M, Too Faced, Tom Ford, Ben Affleck and even George Clooney are listed in the video’s caption. Estee Lauder recently purchased stock in Deciem. The company told BBC in a press statement on Tuesday “We are deeply concerned by the material that has recently been posted on social media and will defend our rights as a minority investor.”

What’s Next?

Tuesday morning brought with it the next step in the company-wide closure of Deciem stores. An email, which was leaked to Cosmopolitan, instructs all employees to close their stores and reopen in 2019, effective immediately. Any employees acting against this wish would be “terminated immediately.” Truaxe also requested that the home page of the Deciem site be replaced with an HTML page. The home page of the Deciem site has since been replaced with a black background and a pi symbol. However, if you click on the pi symbol you can then access the website.

It’s unclear whether or not this was just a clever (and risky) scheme to raise brand awareness. If so, it certainly worked, but at what price? Either way, I suggest you swoop up your favorite products from The Ordinary before you can’t anymore. Hint: they’re on Amazon.