Dante Weston on Protecting Consumers in the Fight Against Insurance Companies

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 9, 2023

According to the CDC, there are over 2 million car accidents in the US each year. Meanwhile, the Insurance Information Institute issued a report stating that about one in 20 insured homes has a claim each year. Accidents happen all around us, and it is not an easy experience to go through without the support or resources to overcome the challenges that often come with the aftermath. As auto, medical, homeowners, and other insurance companies limit consumers from making this happen, more advocates are raising the alarm about these problematic changes. For Dante Weston, Co-Founder of Donaldson & Weston, this means encouraging insurance companies to act in good faith while fighting for clients to get the justice they deserve. Offering insight on even the most complicated lawsuits, Weston is educating citizens on how to remain protected against these industry giants and fight back in the face of life’s challenging events.

Leading a personal injury law firm in Florida, Weston strives to address the underlying harm of insurance companies and their impact on citizens nationwide. “Oftentimes we are forced by the government to purchase insurance policies, protect our mortgage company, our vehicle, our health, etc. But, nothing is done to keep the price reasonable,” he explains. Instead, consumers’ rights are put at risk by government changes that do not guarantee low premium costs for its citizens. “We have been bamboozled as a society year after year for the last 50 years on this topic,” he adds. With decades of experience in litigating insurance claims, Weston is taking a stand to keep the interest of consumers at heart and vocalizing the concerns that endanger the well-being of many.

Alongside educating clients on legal rights, Weston has made it a point to explain the country’s complicated bills that hinder a consumer’s right to fight and win against insurance companies – a matter not spoken about as much as it is needed. “Insurance is something that people don’t want to pay, but they don’t really understand the details of what goes into their insurance premiums and rarely think about what could happen in the case of them filing a potential claim,” he shares. Including Florida’s new HB 837 bill that places limits on lawsuits, Weston is going beyond to protect consumers at every opportunity by guiding them to obtain the best insurance price and defending them should they need to file a claim. “I am their voice and have been their voice for the last 15 years. It seems logical to go to the media to try to amplify the reality of the insurance world.”

As a life-changing advocate for others, Weston aims to be a reliable source of knowledge, support, and defense for consumers within his company and the legal industry. “I see my role as an army of one protecting the people that need it most,” he states. This involves low-income individuals and those with average salaries that HB 837 targets, eliminating their ability to sue their insurance companies in the event of an accident. “I focus on warning others of what could happen if they don’t protect themselves from the industry moving forward,” he adds. In doing so, Weston is improving the one chance for clients to receive damages and recover from accidents while preventing any harm that could arise in the fight.

With extensive knowledge in the legal industry, Weston looks to remain a top national insurance expert for consumers and an inspiration for entrepreneurs to create a similar splash in their industry. “It’s important to speak the truth and speak loudly.”

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Greg Grzesiak is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Columnist at Grit Daily. As CEO of Grzesiak Growth LLC, Greg dedicates his time to helping CEOs influencers and entrepreneurs make the appearances that will grow their following in their reach globally. Over the years he has built strong partnerships with high profile educators and influencers in Youtube and traditional finance space. Greg is a University of Florida graduate with years of experience in marketing and journalism.

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