Dante Weston, Co-Founder of Donaldson & Weston, Uses Core Values to Produce Effective Client Outcomes

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Published on November 16, 2022

During the most challenging moments in life, having trusted individuals on your side can make a world of difference. Dedicated to helping accident victims and their loved ones, Dante Weston, Co-Founder at Donaldson & Weston is no stranger to the value of unconditional support. With a hands-on approach, effective communication, and top-tier service, Weston looks to make an impact in the legal industry, one satisfied client at a time.

As one half of D&W, Weston strives to create a culture of strategy and commitment to honor every client they serve. “What we found is that by building procedures, protocols, and systems, we’re able to perform at a high level from the best lawyer in the firm down to the person that’s just starting in our company,” he states. This includes high standards for a fully-equipped team, with extensive training to produce positive results. “Our clients know that whether they’re talking to the best lawyer in the firm or an entry-level staff member, their interests are being prioritized.” From top to bottom, these values flow through every team member and work to solidify them as a top-rated law firm unlike any other.

Utilizing a hands-on approach to solve problems and generate growth, Weston and his team work hard to pursue the verdicts that clients not only want but deserve. “We attribute our growth to looking at the numbers weekly and making sure if there’s anything actionable, we act on it immediately. If something’s working well, we make sure to scale up whatever that is,” he says. This proactivity also plays a key role in their efforts to stand apart as a first-class law firm dedicated to the well-being of their clients. If one client is struggling with something and we’re able to solve that, why not take a few more moments to ensure it’ll never happen again to another client?”

Leaning on decades of experience to lead a company that cultivates success, Weston explains his team’s strategy to think big and win big. “When we’re working on the law firm, we try to run it like a much larger corporation. When you look at our core values and the largest part of why we do what we do, we found we’re able to help more clients at a higher level and more consistently by focusing on scaling,” he shares. This goes hand in hand with happy client referrals and positive Google reviews, that push Weston and his team to be the best they can be.

With cases that involve the livelihood of others, Weston trusts in various methods to improve operations, create value, and keep clients satisfied. We have a very specific training protocol for our staff and a lot of that is the cadence of communication,” he explains. Even with bumps in the road, this is one of the many core values for D&W to provide top-tier representation that makes a difference. “The key is success to also hire an HR manager, look at weekly KPIs, delegate and elevate, time block, and empower your team.”

Going forward, Weston looks to uphold the values of D&W by expanding its work throughout the state of Florida. “We’re going to be expanding offices and hiring a bigger team. We’re building a new office in the Orlando area and in addition, we’ve recently expanded our Martin County practice to add more office space so we can increase the size of our staff.” One thing remains the same, providing the opportunity of a lifetime for clients in need. “Wherever we are, we remain committed to living up to our core values that treat every client the way we want to be treated.”

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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