Powering Industries: Dakota Lithium’s Influence Across Diverse Sectors

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 27, 2023

In 2007, three friends who met at the University of North Dakota joined forces to launch Clean Republic. Their primary goal? Market a product that could convert conventional bicycles into electric bikes. Their venture took an extraordinary turn when their success in creating proprietary lithium chemistry led to the establishment of their own lithium battery company, giving rise to Dakota Lithium.

Today, Dakota Lithium stands out as a prominent player in the lithium battery market, with an exceptional 2100% increase in revenue in the last four years. The company excels in tailoring its product offerings to meet the individual needs of various industries, manufacturing large batteries for robust industrial or off-grid applications and smaller batteries for demanding use in vehicles such as boats and RVs. This focused and versatile manufacturing strategy enables Dakota Lithium to deliver specialized solutions precisely aligned with the unique requirements of each market it serves.

The Importance of Quality

Since its inception, Dakota Lithium has consistently prioritized the production of durable and long-lasting batteries, owing to its unique chemistry. While some companies are focused on achieving lighter or more compact battery designs, Dakota Lithium has remained focused on quality. To put this in perspective, a typical consumer would go through three to five lead acid or AGM batteries in the lifespan of just one Dakota Lithium battery. The company’s confidence in the robustness of its products is evident through its industry-leading 11-year warranty, demonstrating a strong belief in the durability and lasting performance of its battery solutions.

Dakota Lithium’s Vice President of Research and Development, Dr Yong Hou, who developed its unique nanoparticles, reflects, “Dakota Lithium makes the longest-lasting batteries. I focus on making the technology better, which means I focus on making long-lasting batteries last even longer. As a chemical engineer, I focus on making our batteries better at the chemical level. Dakota Lithium batteries last a very, very long time.”

Leisure Applications

Typically, a lithium battery upgrade presents several advantages for marine vessels, RVs, and various mobile setups. 

Dakota Lithium batteries are half the weight of their traditional lead-acid counterparts, with double the lifespan and offering four times the energy density. This reduces weight, offers increased storage capacity within a more compact design, and facilitates rapid charging. The unique advantage of lithium is consistent performance throughout the discharge cycle, ensuring a reliable power supply. In contrast, lead-acid batteries experience a drop off in

performance as the battery discharges. Lithium batteries also exhibit resilience to diverse temperatures and can seamlessly integrate with solar systems to create an off-grid setup.

Coupled with an inverter, the use of lithium batteries within a solar system can create a home-from-home environment — with sustainable energy that can power high-draw appliances such as fish finders, trolling motors, watermakers, and washing machines

These features collectively contribute to heightened efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in various mobile and marine environments.

Automotive and Start Batteries

Dakota Lithium has introduced all-purpose batteries that offer the ability to start engines while performing normal deep-cycle battery operations – a step forward in lithium technology.

These batteries are suitable as replacements for your engine starter battery for your car, motorcycle, or ATV and offer 1,000 cold-cranking amps (CCA) combined with ten times the number of starts per battery charge. This is highly advantageous over conventional lead-acid batteries when factoring in cost versus lifespan and a reduction in environmental impact.

Heavy Industry and Emerging Markets

More recently, the company has strategically entered the market for large-scale batteries designed for solar and wind power generation. These container-sized batteries play a crucial role in grid stability, allowing solar and wind utility companies to optimize revenue by facilitating electricity sales during peak-cost periods and storing excess power during low-cost intervals.

Although bound by confidentiality, Dakota Lithium is proud to be working with several industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies as a critical partner. Although these partners are experts in their respective industries, Dakota Lithium brings their expertise in lithium battery technology to the table. 

As a consequence, the company is seeing significant growth in building power systems for heavy industry, agricultural equipment, and transportation vehicles.

Building Client Relationships

The brand has successfully navigated the complexities of catering to a diverse market by adopting a customer-centric approach. This involves actively listening to customers, delivering exceptional service, prioritizing value, and standing behind warranty commitments. The company recognizes the influential impact of satisfied customers spreading positive feedback, with word of mouth remaining the most powerful form of marketing for the brand.

This has been evident through partnerships with key influencers in the sailing, RV, and fishing communities.

One of Dakota Lithium’s founders, Ryan Ellison, lives onboard his sailing yacht, Polar Seal, with his partner, Sophie Darsy. Together, they produce content for YouTube. This has served as both an opportunity to test Dakota Lithium’s batteries in the rugged environment for which they are intended and to educate the community on how a lithium upgrade can improve your life – whether living onboard a yacht or an RV.

The brand’s reach even extends to competitive fishing. Dakota Lithium is a proud sponsor of Bassmaster, with Brock Mosely being sponsored by Dakota Lithium since 2020. He recently won the Bassmaster Championship. Being able to stay out for longer, thanks to the power of lithium batteries, is an important factor in increasing the chance of a winning catch!

Innovation and the Future

While the lithium market experienced fluctuations during the pandemic, the next few years are expected to bring stability to lithium prices with continued growth in technology.

Research and development continue to be essential drivers for ongoing growth, with current initiatives aiming to enhance energy density, extend lifespan, and increase the recycling percentage of lithium batteries annually.

Similar to the annual updates of an iPhone, Dakota Lithium redesigns and improves its batteries each year, with its latest technology enabling seamless communication between its batteries and with other components within a battery system. This allows customers to control their batteries from their phones, improving overall efficiency.

Environmental Impacts

Dakota Lithium has worked to remove 100% of cobalt and rare earth minerals from its supply chain. Cobalt is found in most lithium batteries and is a conflict mineral, with most cobalt being sourced in The Congo and linked to forced labor and other human atrocities.

While Dakota Lithium doesn’t sell refurbished batteries, it has partnered with battery refurbishers. At the end of life, a Dakota Lithium battery is disassembled, and the cells are tested. Good cells go on to live a 2nd life as a new battery. 

In summary, Dakota Lithium has wielded considerable influence across diverse sectors with a strategic focus on developing resilient and enduring batteries. Positioned as a key player in the lithium battery market, the company distinguishes itself through a customer-centric approach, tailoring solutions to meet the specific demands of heavy industries, recreational applications, and a multitude of sectors. The issuance of an industry-leading 11-year warranty underscores the company’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction and has enabled it to become a formidable player in the lithium battery industry.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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