Meet Curie, Your New Favorite Deodorant

Published on October 9, 2018

Gone are the days when you have to settle for a drugstore deodorant, hoping that you won’t fall victim to any of the horrible side effects that seem to pop up in the news so often. Aside from the few studies and reports that antiperspirants can go so far as to cause cancer, they’re also full of horrible ingredients like parabens and toxic fragrances. If you, like myself, hate the idea of switching to a natural deodorant in fear of becoming that person that smells like a mixture of patchouli and body odor, worry no more. Curie is the all natural deodorant that both works and smells—well, incredible.

Scent Is Everything

“When I was first testing natural deodorants years ago, the way that they smelled just [wasn’t] a compliment to the scents that I was already wearing,” said Sarah Moret, the CEO behind Curie, in an interview with Grit Daily. “The way I’m differencing myself from the other natural deodorant brands is by having a product that, first and foremost, works. That was the biggest priority. I also wanted it to smell fresh and feminine—just because it’s natural [doesn’t mean I wanted to] smell like nature. I wanted products that were going to smell good and compliment a lot of the perfume and other scents that I wear,” she continued. What she wanted she got. Not only does Curie’s signature white tea scent smell incredible (and fresh!), but it worked well enough that I didn’t have to touch my stick of Dove.

Right now Curie only offers two products, one regular deodorant and one for sensitive skin, that both come in the signature white tea scent. Eventually, though, Sarah hopes to expand the product line to include other natural body products. “The reason that I really wanted deodorant was because a lot of times I would run out of it and just run to CVS and grab some,” Moret said. “Those typically had things like aluminum and other chemicals in them that I didn’t want, so the longer transition [with the brand] is to build a product line of those body products that you use every day but maybe aren’t at the forefront of your mind,” she added. Once the brand gets out of its startup phase Moret hopes to make it a staple in the lives of women around the country. “Instead of having to run to CVS you’ll have a whole range of natural products that you can reorder from our website,” she said.

About Curie

As a small business owner, Moret has worked hard to bring Curie to the forefront of the body product world. The company has utilized a combination of influencer marketing and collaborations with like-minded companies to create brand awareness to its demographic. This way the company doesn’t have to rely so heavily on paid ads on social media or around the web, which can get costly if not done well. The overall look and tone of the brand helped, though, too. The Curie Instagram account is full of great exercise tips for the active women that Moret wants to see using the product. Moret wants her consumers to know that the product is meant for active women who sweat, go to work and don’t want to worry about whether or not their deodorant is doing its job.

Curie is available now for $12 on the company’s website. The deodorant comes in both regular and sensitive skin formulas. The sensitive product swaps out baking soda for Arrowroot powder, which is easier on the skin and essentially just as effective.


Julia Sachs is a former Managing Editor at Grit Daily. She covers technology, social media and disinformation. She is based in Utah and before the pandemic she liked to travel.

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