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The Cream That Will Save Cracked, Dry, Overwashed Hands

Suffering from winter dry skin? Washing your hands ten times more often because of the coronavirus? This cream just might save your hands.

Hands are suffering all over the place right now. Usual winter dryness and intense overwashing can leave your hands feeling a lot like cracking sandpaper. It’s not good.

Enter Gloves In A Bottle. This cream has over 1,000 five star reviews on Amazon, and it’s only $17.95 per container.

This stuff works like magic. It creates a protective layer around the skin that helps seal in moisture and repair even the most severely damaged skin.

With this cream, the before and after results are amazing. If you put the cream on every night before bed, you’ll see results within days. For even better results, put it on after every time you wash your hands or shower to give your skin the maximum amount of healing time possible.

Many reviewers note that a little bit goes a long way with this cream since it’s so concentrated. It also comes in a small enough jar that it can easily be slipped in a purse or a pocket, so you can take Gloves In A Bottle with you everywhere and save your hands on the go.

One verified reviewer said, “I am a professional pastel artist. Pastels are extremely dirty, especially since I like using the softer pastels which get all over my hands and any place they touch. I can’t stand wearing plastic gloves because they cause me to drop my pastels and they don’t work as well as my fingers do when I do need to get my hands into my work. Gloves In A Bottle protects my hands from the ingredients and pigments in the pastels. Gloves In A Bottle also makes cleaning myself up very easy. It’s not greasy, dries completely, and also moisturizes my hands. Because my hands are also in water frequently, I do reapply. This my third bottle–I swear by it.”

While Gloves In A Bottle cannot, in fact, fix potholes, it absolutely can and will save dry, cracked, and damaged skin.