Donald Trump is famous for his tweets.

He is the first President in history to utilize social media to the degree that he did in order to win an election. Many marketers and political experts speculate that this had an incredible impact on his global awareness and ultimately his victory in 2016.

Many people have conflicting views of his usage of Twitter — as some people love it and others just wish that he would delete his account — but something that remains consistent across the board is that it has created more conversations about himself among people worldwide and that has built awareness around his actions.

After seeing the impact that it had on his election results and the discussions that his social media usage has generated globally, more candidates are following in his path. This isn’t to say that they are posting content that is as provoking to some as the current President has, but they are using the channels to make themselves known. This is having a huge impact on the way that people are consuming political information.

In the past, all Presidential candidates have alerted the public about their candidacy through news channels. That is until now.

For the first time in history, social media was used as the announcement medium for a presidential candidacy. Cory Booker, a Senator from New Jersey, just announced on February 1st that he will be a candidate for the 2020 election. He will be running for the Democratic party.

How did he announce this historic news? Not by reaching out to Fox or CNN, not by alerting the New York Times, but by posting a video on Facebook. That’s right, a 2020 candidate just used social media marketing to announce his political goals.

I'm running for president.

I’m running for president. Join me on this journey.

Posted by Cory Booker on Friday, February 1, 2019

This video was posted online on the morning of Friday, February 1st. In just 3 hours it already accumulated over 238,000 views and over 6,500 shares of the post.

That was in just three hours.

He also announced the news on Twitter by tweeting “I’m running for President. Join me on this journey” at 7:14 am. It quickly generated thousands of replies from US citizens with their feedback.

This is significant because it shows that announcing big news like this via social media channels is extremely effective in a political environment. Social media marketing experts and content creators are not surprised by this, because these channels have been used to develop brand awareness for companies like Adidas, Supreme, and Toyota for years. Their presence on social media is what gets people purchasing them time and time again.

Using this method to gain more voter awareness is a fantastic tactic. If it can keep people buying T-shirts that cost thousands of dollars because of name-recognition, it can help voters go out to the polls during primary elections.

This new announcement means a lot of things. Of course, there is the obvious – that more and more people will be following suit and announcing their candidacy as well. It also means that an increasing number of political figures are going to start publishing content on social media more often to raise awareness of themselves and their platforms.

Because of the great awareness that it has created for both Donald Trump and Cory Booker, social media is going to start replacing news channels as the platform used in politics to share updates. This new social media marketing strategy is the political world means big things for the public.

Now that candidates are sharing their own content directly, it means that information is not getting morphed in the hands of big news channels. Since political figures can communicate their thoughts directly with the public, it ensures that their words are there own. This makes the transparency between political figures and US citizens much clearer.

Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are making it much easier to vet candidates and understand their platforms quickly, without the gray area that news media creates. It will be very interesting to watch the effect that social media marketing is going to have on the 2020 election and how voters respond to it.