Cool New Skiing Gear for Hitting the Slopes in 2020

Published on March 7, 2020

Ski tech has come a long way over the years. Improvements in ski and boot design and function have certainly improved, but these critical pieces of ski equipment are not the only element to the sport any longer. New gear and gadgets that utilize modern technology are leading skiing into the future and making your time in the snow even more enjoyable.

You might not think that it was possible to make skiing better but here are some of the coolest tech gear options for skiers in 2020 that will certainly add a little extra to your season. 

1. Snowcookie

One really cool development in the world of skier tech is Snowcookie. This app is made for any skier who wants to uncover another level to their abilities and enables you to track many different aspects of your ski day. Snowcookie is basically A.I. for skiers and can help you improve your on-snow skills by monitoring your form including factors such as body position, edge angles, and lateral position. 

To use Snowcookie, skiers use a system of three different sensors to track all of their movements while on the snow. A single monitor is attached to each of your skis and the third is placed on your body. These sensors will track a large number of data points and display them on an integrated and easy to use iPhone app.

If you want to learn about your skiing habits and love data, this app provides a fun and in-depth look at your performance on the mountain. Snowcookie is basically an e-skiing coach that can help you improve and enhance your all-around skiing abilities. 

2. Glade Photochromatic Adapt Goggle

You would think that the technology behind ski goggles would be simple. Match your lenses to the light conditions, strap them around your head, and you’re off, right? Well, the Photochromatic Adapt Goggle by the Colorado company Glade is a new ski goggle for 2020 that is sure to make you think again about the basics of ski eye wear. 

At first glance, these goggles look similar to other modern designs that you might be familiar with. But they stand out because of the high-level technology built into the lens. Photochromatic lenses will change their tint to accommodate changing light conditions. This is highly beneficial for skiers as conditions on the mountain can change at a moment’s notice. With these goggles, you won’t need to switch out lenses when the light turns flat. 

The Adapt Goggle will give you a variable light transmission (VLT) from 30%-84%, meaning you will be able to see clearly in just about any light. In addition, the frame is built of a flexible TPU material that molds to your face and is nearly indestructible. There are other photochromatic ski goggles around but these are some of the best you can find. 

3. Phoozy Thermal Phone Coozy

Ski tech doesn’t always have to be a full-blown app or new development in design that is years in the making. Sometimes simple innovations can lead to simple revolutions. Such is the case with the Phoozy XP3. If you have ever taken your phone skiing before, you know that the cold conditions and your pocket electronics don’t always make a great pair.

Phoozy set out to eliminate this problem by creating thermal protection for your phone that will help your battery to last longer and allow your device to perform better overall in sub-zero conditions. This handy little innovation looks like a sleeping bag for your phone and in addition to protection for the snow and cold, it also adds an extra layer of protection in case you drop your phone – always possible when trying to grab it with gloves on.

The Phoozy comes in an assortment of color options and includes a small exterior pocket for your cash and cards, necessary for all of your apres ski desires after a long day on the slopes. This new invention may be small but solves a major problem for the modern skier. 

Final Thoughts

While you definitely don’t need the newest skier tech to enjoy your days on the snow, the items listed above are some of the coolest new tech around. These innovations can help you become a better skier, keep your phone from dying or breaking, or help you stay safe when conditions deteriorate. If you want to add some new and exciting elements to your overall skiing experience, give them a try and let us know what you think.

Christine Wang is guest contributor at Grit Daily and founder of Based in Evergreen, Colorado, she shares her passion and excitement for skiing with other skiers who feel the same way.

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