Control D Launches Control D for Organizations: Democratizing Cybersecurity for Organizations of All Sizes

Published on January 29, 2024

Toronto, Canada, January 29th, 2024, Cyberwire

In an era where online threats no longer discriminate by business size, Control D, powered by Windscribe VPN‘s robust security expertise, announced today the launch of ‘Control D for Organizations‘. This modern DNS service democratizes cybersecurity, making it accessible to businesses of every size, from budding start-ups to late stage SMBs and MSPs.

Leveraging the strength of the world’s largest physical VPN network, Control D is bringing unmatched expertise in navigating cybersecurity challenges and global surveillance into the hands of businesses that traditionally lacked these advanced protections.

Control D for Organizations is geared at companies, schools, and NGOs of all sizes offering simplicity for smaller teams and highly specific and advanced controls for larger organizations. Control D is packed with an arsenal of tools designed to secure and empower diverse teams:

1. Malware Blocking: Protecting business continuity against malicious threats with state-of-the-art detection techniques, all built in-house. Protect individual devices or entire networks in just a few minutes. 

2. **Multi-Tenancy: Addresses the complexity of managing access and filtering policies across different departments, subsidiaries, or customer accounts within a large enterprise or service provider setting.

3. Modern Protocols: Security cannot be assured using standard DNS protocols. That’s why Control D supports all modern (and encrypted) protocols like DNS-over-HTTPS/3 and DNS-over-TLS. 

4. Custom Filtering: Highly granular web filters provide power users with ultimate control, while more general curated lists allow DNS security newcomers to gain maximum security benefits with minimal effort.

5. Actionable Insights: Detailed network activity analytics empowers businesses to improve their security posture and make strategic decisions.

Control D for Organizations is more than a security tool—it’s a declaration that first-rate cybersecurity is no longer a luxury. It embodies a new era where organizations, irrespective of their size or financial prowess, can confidently protect their operations and data.

‘Control D for Organizations ‘, Empowering Every Business with Advanced Cybersecurity

Control D is a pioneer in software security, devoted to offering next-level, user-centric solutions. Backed by the years of security expertise of Windscribe VPN which protects over 68 million people, Control D leverages the largest physical VPN network and one of the fastest anycast DNS networks to deliver unparalleled security and freedom from surveillance on a global scale.

Join the DNS security revolution and equip your business with Control D. Visit for more information and take your first step towards comprehensive digital protection. Additional assistance for onboarding channel partners available. Free no-payment-details required trial is available. 

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