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By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 21, 2023

Host Sebastian Rusk is joined by guest Cliff Han, Founder and CEO of AllerPops Corporation on The Grit Daily Startup Podcast. Cliff suffered from allergies for some time, until he identified and solved the root cause of his allergies, inventing AllerPops. AllerPops provide not only relief for existing allergies but also prevention, with clinical trials showing that allergies can be reduced by using AllerPops products. Sebastian and Cliff discuss the grittiest part of the startup process – something Cliff identifies as finding the right people – and how entrepreneurs can find their passion and the right opportunities.


The Grit Daily Startup podcast with host Sebastian Rusk and guest Cliff Han of AllerPops offers an insightful glimpse into the startup process from two experienced professionals. Cliff Han is the founder and CEO of AllerPop’s Corporation. During their conversation, Cliff speaks openly about his journey to discovering the root cause of his allergies and inventing AllerPops to help with both battling and preventing them. He explains that during a clinical trial, AllerPops was found to be capable of amplifying the allergy relief an individual experiences. When asked what he believes to be the grittiest part of the startup process, Cliff states that finding the right people to work with you is the most important step. Aspiring entrepreneurs are urged to be passionate and find the right things to do. The Grit Daily Startup Podcast provides invaluable advice to those taking the challenging first steps in starting their own business and is a must-listen for anyone wanting to learn about the real-life process of creating a business from scratch.


0:00:08.504721 – The Story of Cliff Han and How He Used His Allergies to Invent AllerPops

0:04:21.753720 – The Benefits of AllerPops for Preventing Allergies

0:09:15.784300 – Finding the Right People for Your Startup Process

All Quotes:

“My family and I, my son, and I suffered from allergies for quite some time.”

“That gave me experience and gave me the drive to say, what’s going on with him?”

“So, in 2014, I got energy in a really bad way as well. Started with a JLR allergy. I couldn’t sleep at night with my congested nose.”

“I say, I need to do something with all my background in biology and medical training. I need to study by myself. That’s how I studied all the journeys. And, eventually, I discovered the root cause of my allergies, and he invented laptops.”

“It is the lack of good bacteria, the bacteria that can tell our immune system to calm down, that will cause allergy.”

“If I further increase those bacteria, will my allergy become? I made the prototype of laptops at that time in 20 17. It worked so well, almost to an amazing effect.”

“Aller Pops not only trade the allergies when you have it, but also it can prevent allergies from happening.”

“So, the thing is, like, when you take antibiotics, where you suffer from those other fever-causing diseases like a COVID, like pneumonia, things like that, your good bacteria being knocked out.”

“That’s the time you can take laptops to prevent allergies.”

“Aller Pop corrects the cause of allergy.”

“Our customer reported that as you leave the last 4 months, the maximum, basically, 2 years.”

“I think I have been starting up a world during the last several years. There are quite some difficult things to do. There’s always a difficult time to wait.”

“Patience and perseverance are okay.”

“Entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster. There’s always ups and downs, things like that. So, if you enjoy the apps, and dumb. That’s the best journey you can have.”

“The greatest part of the process, the most difficult ones are, for me, in the process, get the right people. He participated in the process and got the service and funds to support their entrepreneurship. they’re probably the most difficult wines during this process.”

“You take the highs with the lows. Isn’t that the truth?”

By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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